What does International Volunteer HQ do?

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What does International Volunteer HQ do?

International Volunteer HQ welcomes people from all walks of life to make a difference on an adventure of a lifetime. With 50+ destinations and over 300 projects, IVHQ offers the world’s largest range of fully-hosted volunteering programs, from teaching and childcare to wildlife conservation and medical volunteering.

How do I join IVHQ?

1. Design + apply for your program

  1. Choose your destination + project:
  2. Apply for your chosen destination + project:
  3. Get matched with your Program Manager:
  4. Secure your place to volunteer with IVHQ:
  5. Gain exclusive access to your preparation tools:
  6. Get help planning your trip + pay your program fee:

Is International Volunteer HQ legit?

Since its start in 2007, IVHQ has built a solid reputation as a trusted, low-cost volunteer organization, with program fees starting at just $180. IVHQ partners with local NGOs and initiatives that allow volunteers gain meaningful experiences during their time abroad.

What do you get out of volunteering abroad?

The Benefits of Volunteering Abroad

  • You can contribute to changing the world little by little.
  • Gain new skills and work experience while volunteering abroad.
  • Experience new cultures and perspectives while creating lasting bonds.
  • Helping others provides fulfillment.
  • Get a better idea of your personal and professional path.

Do you get paid for IVHQ?

IVHQ Registration Fee. You are required to pay a Registration Fee to secure your place on your chosen IVHQ program. Payment is due when you are ready to reserve your spot to avoid missing out on your chosen program.

Why are volunteer trips Bad?

Voluntourism can have many negative effects, but perhaps the worst cases involve the exploitation of children. Voluntourism, especially at places such as orphanages, encourages the institutionalization of children, creating a profitable business out of it.

How can I volunteer abroad with no money?

How to Volunteer Abroad for Free

  1. European Voluntary Service. Fully funded by the EU commission, EVS offers volunteering placements, mainly in Europe, for 17-30 year old EU residents, for up to 12 months.
  2. European Solidarity Corps.
  3. International Citizen Service.
  4. VSO.
  5. Peace Corps.
  6. UN Volunteers.
  7. International Voluntary Service.

Can I get paid to volunteer?

Volunteering. A volunteer is someone who does work for the main purpose of benefitting someone else, such as a church, sporting club, government school, charity or community organisation. Volunteers are not employees and don’t have to be paid. the volunteer doesn’t expect to be paid for their work.