What is concession in project finance?

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What is concession in project finance?

A concession gives a private concessionaire responsibility not only for operation and maintenance of the assets but also for financing and managing all required investment. The concessionaire takes risk for the condition of the assets and for investment.

What are government concessions?

A concession or concession agreement is a grant of rights, land or property by a government, local authority, corporation, individual or other legal entity. Under a management contract the operator will collect the revenue only on behalf of the government and will in turn be paid an agreed fee.

Is a concession a PPP?

In the PPP context, a concession is mostly used to describe a user-pays PPP. O&M contracts for existing assets may come under the definition of PPP where these are performance-based, long-term, and involve significant private investment (sometimes also called performance-based maintenance contracts).

What is a concession fee?

Concession Fee means the sum of money required to be paid by the concessionaire to a public infrastructure agency in consideration of grant of a concession for undertaking an infrastructure project pursuant to the provisions of this Act, rules or regulations made thereunder; Sample 1. Sample 2.

How do you introduce a concession?

You begin this paragraph by admitting that there are some who do not accept your thesis, and that there is the possibility for holding a different point of view. You then provide one or two reasons for holding such a point of view, reasons that work against your thesis.

What is the difference between PPP and concession?

Concessions are contracts where the consideration for the works or services to be carried out consists either solely in the right to exploit the work or service, or in this right together with payment. The acronym PPP refers to Public-Private Partnership. PPPs tend to be complex and long term contracts.

What is a concession recoup fee?

Concession recovery fee is essentially the rental car company charging you to recoup the amount the airport charges it to offer services there. Vehicle license recovery fee, usually $2 to $5, is you paying the rental car company to license its vehicles.

What is a concession letter?

A concession letter is a document of requirements needed by a student with a disability, to reach their full potential during their academic year at the university.

What are concessions when buying a house?

Definition of Concession. A concession is a benefit or discount offered by the buyer or seller to help sell a home and close a deal. Concessions are usually specified during negotiations and included in closing costs. Examples include covering the costs of new appliances, moving expenses, or repairs to the home.

What are sellers concessions?

Definition. A seller concession involves the seller of a property offering a potential buyer an incentive to make purchasing the property more attractive financially. Make certain all seller concessions are written in the contract and agreed upon by both parties. The purchaser may request seller concessions during contract negotiations,…

Are seller concessions tax deductible?

Seller Concessions on home sale are the deductable. If you didn’t get a Form 1099-S and you meet the exclusion, you don’t need to report the sale. For the sale of a residence, up to $250,000 ($500,000 on a joint return where you both lived in the residence) of gain can be excluded from income if you lived in and owned the house for two of the last five years.

What are sales concessions?

A sales concession is a contribution that reduces your acquisition cost as the buyer and might include personal property or payment of all or a portion of closing costs. A financing concession is a payment or benefit that acts as an incentive and may artificially increase the sales price.