What is the message of Bless Me, Ultima?

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What is the message of Bless Me, Ultima?

Bless Me, Ultima explores the difficulty of reconciling conflicting cultural traditions. In the end, Anaya suggests that a person can draw from several cultural traditions to forge a more complex and adaptable identity.

What does the Llano symbolize in Bless Me, Ultima?

The term for those open spaces is “llano”, which means planes. Antonio’s father longs always to return to the type of freedom he associates with herding cattle across the southwestern planes. He feels that in movement there is freedom and fulfillment.

What is the father’s dream in Bless Me, Ultima?

Antonio dreams of his three older brothers discussing their father’s dream to build a castle in the hills. When Antonio states that they must gather around their father, they reply that he is supposed to fulfill María’s dream and become a priest.

Why was Bless Me Ultima banned?

Reason for Ban/Challenge: Bless Me, Ultima has been challenged in the past due to adult language, some violence, and several sexual references. Several schools have also cited irreverence toward God, anti-Catholic angles, and pagan content as justification for bans.

What does Ultima represent?

With the help of Ultima, he begins to understand the cultures of both his mother and father and the significance of his surroundings. He learns the difference between good and evil and religion and pagan worship. Ultimately, Tony realizes Ultima is the symbol of knowledge and he chooses to follow in her path.

What advice does Ultima give Tony at the end?

When Antonio awakes, Ultima suggests that he go to his uncles in El Puerto. Antonio has seen too much death. His uncles can teach him about growing life. Before he leaves, Ultima advises him to be ready to make life’s changes part of his strength.

Why does Antonio’s mother call him a Luna?

Why does Antonio’s mother call him a luna? She considers a luna a restless wanderer. She believes he will tend to Ultima’s needs. Antonio’s mother wants him to be a farmer.

Is Ultima Antonio’s grandmother?

Into this dichotomy Anaya places Antonio’s Page 2 Mother, Maria Marez, who sees one path for her young son, Antonio’s father, Gabriel Marez, who sees another path, and finally Ultima, Antonio’s surrogate grandmother, who actually impacts the boy’s life path.

What happens in the end of Bless Me Ultima?

Before he can kill Antonio, Pedro shoots Tenorio dead. Antonio takes the dying owl to Ultima’s bedside. Ultima explains that her teacher told her to do good works but not to interfere with destiny. Her death and Tenorio’s death are simply the restoration of the original harmony.

How does Ultima impact Antonio’s life?

Ultima acts as Antonio’s mentor and helps him cope with his anxieties and uncertainties. Ultima claims a spiritual connection to Antonio that manifests its power in Chapter 1, when Antonio dreams of Ultima burying his afterbirth to keep his destiny secret from the arguing families of his parents.

Why is Ultima called Grande?

Why does the Marez family refer to Ultima as La Grande? It is a nickname. La Grande refers to the part of the country which Ultima was born. La Grande is a term of endearment.

How did Bless Me Ultima end?

As Antonio makes his way from his uncles’ fields to his grandfather’s house one day toward the end of the summer, a murderous Tenorio chases after him. Antonio escapes, but Tenorio shoots Ultima’s owl. When the owl dies, Ultima is doomed to die as well because the owl is her spiritual familiar, or guardian.