Who is the owner of Bajco?

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Who is the owner of Bajco?

Asim Bajwa’s brother, Nadeem Bajwa is a successful businessman and is the chief executive officer of BajCo Group LLC.

Does Bajco own Papa John’s?

Bajco is the largest privately owned franchisee for Papa John’s Pizza with 125+ locations in 11 states in USA and also in Ontario Canada. Bajco is the sole franchisee to build and operate 25 Dairy Queen Restaurants in United Arab Emirates. Bajco has its accounting and back office operations in Lahore, Pakistan.

Who is Nadeem Bajwa?

Nadeem Bajwa has over 24 years of leadership experience, across diverse geographies and functions, with the oilfield technology leader Schlumberger and now in Weatherford. He also served as Senior Manager for Business Management to drive Corporate Strategy for Schlumberger Limited.

Who is Faisal Bajwa?

Managing Member & CFO Manage Finance and Corporate Strategy function of various Group entities that own and operate 140 QSR restaurant units in the United States and the UAE.

Who is the owner of Descon?

Abdul Razak Dawood

Type Private
Founder Abdul Razak Dawood
Headquarters Lahore, Pakistan
Area served Worldwide
Key people Taimur Dawood (chairman) Waseem Qazi Adnan Bakhtiar

Who is Razzaq Dawood?

Abdul Razak Dawood, is a Pakistani industrialist and currently the Adviser for Commerce and Investment to Prime Minister Imran Khan. He served as a former Federal Minister of Commerce, Industries & Production between 1999 and 2002 in the cabinet of Pervez Musharraf.

Who is Bashir Dawood?

The founder of Dawlance has actively been helping many kids for the last few decades. Today, Bashir Dawood is listed amongst some of the best philanthropists in Pakistan who have helped millions of people in living a good quality of life.

What does Descon stand for?

Design Engineering and Construction Services
History. The company was founded by Abdul Razak Dawood as Design Engineering and Construction Services (Descon) in 1977.

Who is Taimur Dawood?

Taimur Dawood currently serves as chairman of Descon, which includes Descon Engineering, Descon Oxychem, and Descon Power Solutions, among other Descon enterprises in the power sector. He is also the managing director of Gray Mackenzie Engineering Services in the Netherlands.