What is the average time for 100m sprint for a 15 year old?

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What is the average time for 100m sprint for a 15 year old?

The average time however is 15–16 seconds at this age group. Remember every second matters in the 100m, and can be the difference between a win and a loss.

What’s a good 100m sprint time for a 15 year old?

The average for that age range is again, roughly 13s. You may have noticed that these times are all within a similar boundary, which then proves some of the best timings for a child aged 11–17 is 10–13s. (+1s for girls.) My time as a 15 year old girl, is 11.52s. That time has won quite a few races, including county and national competitions.

How old do you have to be to run 100 meters?

If you’re 10–12 then 14 and less, 13 to 15 years old then around 13 and less, if you’re 16 or older and you’re asking for a good, in athletic standards, time then 11 second Judging whether or not your 100 meter time is good or not relies on many factors.

What’s the best 100m time for a 14 year old girl?

For a female, at the age of 13 they should be aiming to achieve 13.2 on a professional level. If you are 14 and male, 11.6 seconds is a good time. Not sure about female, 12-12.8 seconds will be my guess.

What’s the best 100m time you can run?

No matter how old you are, it takes a certain affinity for sprinting to run sub 7 seconds. Another way of looking at it is 100m time. A 6.9 should get you under 13s which is a solid time for a non-sprinter. You’d be surprised how many healthy physically active 20–25 year olds can’t run better than a 13s 100m.

What is a good time for the 100m sprint?

What is a good time for the 100m sprint? Running the 100m sprint is the ultimate test of speed. People want to know what level they are at in terms of how their speed compares to others. Are they average, good, excellent or amazing?

What’s the average sprint time for a 15 year old girl?

For example, the average under-15 girl does a 100-meter sprint in 13.2 to 13.5 seconds and the 200-meter sprint in 27.3 to 28 seconds. The average under-17 girl can complete a 100-meter sprint in 12.8 to 13.1 seconds and a 200-meter sprint in 26.4 to 27 seconds.

How fast should a 14 year old run 100 meters?

Intermediate female sprinters ages 14 and 15 should achieve a time of 11.6 seconds in the 100-meter sprint and 26 seconds in the 200-meter sprint. How fast should an 11 year old run 100m?

What’s the best 100m time for a 13 year old?

A “good” time for pre-teen males in the 100m would generally fall under 13.5 seconds; and for females, under 14 seconds. Times such as these would be indicative of future talent. How fast does the average 12 year old run 100m? If you want to know average times, it’s hard to tell because slow people don’t record and make their slowness public.