What are some of the street names for PCP?

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What are some of the street names for PCP?

After a decline in abuse during the late 1980s and 1990s, the abuse ophencyclidine (PCP) f s increased ha slightly in recent years. Street names include Angel Dust, Hog, Ozone, Rocket Fuel, Shermans, Wack, Crystal and Embalming Fluid.

What’s the slang name for the drug PCP?

In an effort to educate and support the healthcare community, Clinical Pain Advisor is providing this resource to help clinicians identify these ‘slang’ names for PCP compiled from law enforcement reports and other open sources by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Which is the most common method of misusing PCP?

Smoking is the most common method of misusing PCP. Leafy material like marijuana, tobacco or mint is dipped into liquid PCP. Marijuana or tobacco cigarettes that have been dipped in liquid PCP are called “wets” or “dippers.” A typical dose dissolved into a cigarette is 5 mg to 10 mg. Seeking Help for PCP Abuse?

What kind of drugs can you mix with PCP?

Within today’s drug culture, combining PCP with other drugs has become common practice. Drugs likely to be combined with PCP include MDMA, formaldehyde, mescaline, ketamine, LSD, THC and methamphetamine. PCP street names for combination varieties go by:

What are some slang words for PCP?

PCP has many slang or ‘street names’; the most common is “angel dust”. Other slang names for PCP are angel hair, angel mist, aurora borealis, black whack, crystal, cyclones, devil dust, dummy dust, embalming fluid, hallucinogen, horse tranquilizer, jet fuel, magic dust, rocket fuel, or star dust.

What is the generic name for PCP?

Phencyclidine (PCP), also known as angel dust among other names, is a drug used for its mind-altering effects.

What is the street name for PCP?

The name PCP is a short form of the drug’s chemical name. Some street names for PCP are Angel Dust, Supergrass, and Rocket Fuel. On the street, PCP is often sold as a white powder. It can also come as a liquid, capsule, or tablet.

What is another name for the hallucinogen PCP?

According to the DEA, the following street names are commonly used to refer to PCP: Angel Dust Embalming Fluid Rocket Fuel Supergrass Killer Weed White Pixie Pixie dust