Is inesis a good brand?

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Is inesis a good brand?

Inesis says its waterproof membrane is as good (if not better) than Gore-Tex, and as our Most Wanted testing notes, it was the most comfortable shoe tested in 2019. The net result is a golf shoe with all the requisite technology and performance of more recognizable (in North America anyhow) brands for less than $80.

Who makes inesis?

Inesis, as you’ve read on these pages before, is the golf-specific brand of $12-billion sporting goods giant Decathlon. Based in France, Decathlon has built a unique operation that’s as vertically integrated as a company can get in this day and age.

How good are inesis golf balls?

INESIS DISTANCE 100 Those starting out in golf tend to lose a lot of balls. So, it’s best to look for a high-performance but low-cost ball such as the Inesis Distance 100. With an average rating of 4.53/5, it would be true to say that it meets the expectations of beginner golfers.

Are inesis wedges good?

The Inesis wedge looks incredibly simple and we thought that is a really good thing. There is nothing to put you off this wedge. It has a slightly duller grey finish as well as a noticeably thicker top line and a more generous hitting area, the sort of thing a beginner golfer or higher handicap will appreciate.

Who makes inesis golf bags?

The Inesis Golf Light stand bag from Decathlon is an excellent and very well priced model that looks good, feels strong and reliable, and has plenty of space for your clubs, clothing and valuables. Despite its sturdy feel, it weighs in at just 2.2 kg which will not take too much of your energy away from playing.

Who makes inesis golf balls?

It earned a seat in the “Very Good” category alongside the TaylorMade TP5/TP5X, Srixon ZStar XV, Bridgestone Tour B XS, and the Snell MTBX, among others. That ball was produced by LTC (Launch Technologies Co.), but Inesis has since moved production to Scanna for both its 2-piece and multi-layer 3-piece balls.

Why are wedges so expensive?

Why are the 0311T milled wedges so expensive? Alex Riggs: The wedges at start at around $750 and go up to around a $1000 and the reason the wedges are at that price point is because of the process that is used to produce the clubs.

Should I buy expensive wedges?

More expensive wedges can make a difference in terms of performance. Pricier wedges are made with better materials and deliver better contact, spin, and distance control. A cheap wedge will also start to show wear and tear more quickly especially when used in conditions that accelerate groove wear.

Are Srixon AD333 good?

The AD333 is an excellent all-round offering given the modest price tag. Long-game performance is where it differs from balls at higher price points, promoting a long, penetrating ball flight off the tee and extra height on approach shots to help stop the ball.