What is considered the tri-state area?

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What is considered the tri-state area?

The Tri-State Region, commonly referred to as the greater New York (City) area, is made up of three states: New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ) and Connecticut (CT).

Is Philly tri-state area?

Examples of these tri-state areas include: The Philadelphia metropolitan area, covering parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. The Greater Boston area covering parts of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. The Chicago tri-state area (Chicagoland) covering Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

What 3 states are connected?

This is the spot where Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri come together. The marker itself is a stone four-sided monument with “Erected By Ozark Culture Club 1915” on one side and on each of the other sides are Oklahoma 1907, Arkansas 1836, and Missouri 1821, the years that each became a state.

Is the tri-state area a real place?

In the real world, a tri-state area need not encompass whole states. There’s a town called Danville south of Lexington, Kentucky, which is in the general area of the Ohio-Kentucky-West Virginia tri state area.

Where should I live in the tri-state area?

A New Jersey borough, a New York village and a Hartford suburb were crowned as the top places to live in the tri-state area by Money Magazine. The publication unveiled its annual list of the best places to live in each state — naming North Arlington, New Jersey; Valley Stream, New York; and Manchester, Connecticut.

Is there a tri-state area in California?

Tri-state area is an informal term in the eastern contiguous United States for any of several populated areas associated with a particular town or metropolis that, with adjacent suburbs, lies across three states….Water.

State 1 Arizona
State 2 California
State 3 Nevada
Water Colorado River

Where do 4 states come together?

Four Corners Monument is the only place in the United States where four states intersect: Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. You can stand on that spot and truly be in four states at one time.

How many states are in the Tri State area?

Definition of Tri-State Area. Tri-State Area can be defined as the area consisting of three adjoining states having common boundaries in the United States, for example, Tri-State Area NYC. There are 62 Tri-State Areas that have a Tri-point out of which 35 are on land and 27 are in the water.

What is the Tri-State area in NY?

Quick Answer. Three states make up the tri-state area New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. The region is centered on the New York City metropolitan area. Sometimes, eastern Pennsylvania is listed as part of the area in place of Connecticut.

Where are the Tri State areas in Wisconsin?

The Dubuque, Iowa tri-state area spills over into Illinois and Wisconsin. The La Crosse, Wisconsin tri-state area includes La Crosse and Onalaska in Wisconsin, La Crescent, Hokah, and Brownsville in Minnesota, and New Albin and Lansing in Iowa. The Chattanooga, Tennessee tri-state area includes portions of Alabama and Georgia.

Is the District of Columbia in the Tri State area?

The area that includes Washington, D.C. and the nearby parts of Maryland and Virginia is sometimes loosely referred to as a “tri-state area,” although the District of Columbia is not a state.