Is Medal of Honor: Warfighter bad?

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Is Medal of Honor: Warfighter bad?

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is by no means a terrible game, but it doesn’t offer the gamer much in the way of a new experience. Warfighter is an underwhelming addition. That is not to say it’s abysmally terrible, though the critical reception thus far could be politely described as a shoeing.

Is Medal of Honor: Warfighter a good game?

Great firefights are par for the course in Frostbite Engine-powered games, and Medal of Honor feels as good as it looks. Warfighter’s incredible attention to atmospheric environmental detail gives Battlefield 3 a run for its money, and establishes a sense of place where the level design can’t.

What happened to Medal of Honor: Warfighter?

After Medal of Honor (2010) and Medal of Honor: Warfighter in 2012 underperformed, EA put the series to rest and dissolved the developer behind the single-player, Danger Close Games. Yes, EA already publishes a major military shooter; the Battlefield franchise is still a financial pillar for the company.

Why did Medal of Honor Warfighter fail Reddit?

The reason it failed is because EA didnt really want MoH to be much different from CoD. Instead, they want to make a CoD clone, hoping to convert some CoD fans to MoH.

How much GB is Medal of Honor Warfighter?

Medal of Honor: Warfighter System Requirements

Minimum Build It Recommended Build It
OS Windows Vista 32-bit Windows 7 64-bit
DirectX 10 11
HDD Space 20 GB 20 GB

Is the new Medal of Honor Warfighter good?

The new Medal of Honor: Warfighter addresses many of the problems of that game, and feels like a more unified and consistent product. Whether that’s enough to draw your attention from the genre’s heavy hitters might be another matter, though.

Can you play Medal of Honor on PC?

Perhaps Medal of Honor will conquer that challenge and regain its place as the third pillar of modern military first-person shooters after another iteration or two, but Warfighter shows that it still has a way to go to do so. This game was reviewed on the PC. Medal of Honor: Warfighter -…

What kind of guns do you get in Medal of Honor Warfighter?

War of Medal: Honorfighter’s guns are the usual fare. You start each mission with what my uneducated mind thinks is a machinegun, but might be a sub-machinegun. You’re then free to pick up AKs or shotguns and myriad other machinegun/sub-machinegun variations from your fallen foes.

What was the main objective of Medal of Honor Warfighter?

That is, Medal of Honor’s campaign wants to throw you into situations “ripped from the headlines” – and it’s devastating to whatever story Warfighter fails to tell. The primary objective is buried by disjointed jumps from one character or country to the next – as it has been in Battlefield and Call of Duty as well.