How long does Dec-Tec last?

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How long does Dec-Tec last?

Dec-Tec™ PVC membranes have provided reliable waterproof protection for over 25 years and are specifically designed to protect the integrity of both the building envelope as well the deck.

How much does DEC-TEC cost?

It can range in price from $6-8 per square foot. A decorative or stamped pattern requires a bit more effort in design and planning stages, and it is definitely more labor intensive. The price range for this finish can range from $25-35 per square foot.

What is dectec?

What is Dec-Tec? Dec-Tec, proudly manufactured in North America, is a PVC single-ply vinyl decking membrane with a full complement of Dec-Tec approved system accessories to ensure high-end aesthetics and absolute waterproofing of your outdoor living space surfaces.

How do you clean a membrane deck?

Wet the entire deck surface using a garden hose or bucket and allow the water to sit for a few minutes. Use a mild dish soap solution in warm water, and scrub the surface with a stiff bristle brush or broom to loosen dirty areas. Rinse the entire deck area well with a garden hose and allow it to dry.

What is a deck membrane?

Our Vinyl Deck & Roof Deck Membranes provide long-lasting, low-maintenance waterproof protection and an attractive pedestrian deck surface in one single product solution. It allows outdoor living space to be a place of leisure, not labor.

Can you pressure wash a vinyl deck?

Yes, you can powerwash your vinyl sundeck! Power washing can remove dirt and debris, but it’s not recommended for removing embedded stains. To avoid damage to your vinyl, set the psi at 1500 (max), and hold the nozzle one foot from the deck surface. Couple the power washing with soap and water for the best cleaning.

How many years does a wood deck last?

THE AVERAGE LIFESPAN OF A WOOD DECK: Typically 10 to 15 years.

Can a duradek membrane be used on a flat roof?

Duradek vinyl membranes provide an easy, one product solution that meets building code requirements for both a roofing membrane and pedestrian surface in a single application. Traditional roofing products can provide the waterproofing component for your flat roof applications, but a second product is required for the pedestrian surface.

Are there any roof decks that are waterproof?

From single family homes to large commercial developments, Duradek can take care of your flat roof deck needs. In addition to reliable waterproof performance, Duradek is an attractive walking surface for all of your flat roof deck applications. Our membranes are designed and manufactured with mold and mildew inhibitors, UV resistance.

Can a TimberTech deckcleaner be used to install dryspace?

TimberTech DeckCleaner™ will not damage the DrySpace system, and it can actually be used to clean the surface of DrySpace. Any other cleaners should be verified to be vinyl-safe before using. Can I install DrySpace by myself?

Where do you put a gutter on a deck?

The gutter is required to be connected up against the deck joists at one end and then to be pitched down to provide the drainage required. The drainage panels are designed to be installed above and between the deck joists.