What is the principle of double effect example?

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What is the principle of double effect example?

Abortions when the mother’s life is in danger In cases when saving the life of a pregnant woman causes the death of her unborn child – for example, performing an abortion when continuing the pregnancy would risk killing the mother – some people argue that this is a case of the doctrine of double effect.

What is the principle of double effect in nursing?

The principle states that the risk of a negative known (foreseen), unintended consequence, or adverse effect of treatment can be justified if it was not the original and main intent of the action.

What are the four principle of double effect?

Classical formulations of the principle of double effect require that four conditions be met if the action in question is to be morally permissible: first, that the action contemplated be in itself either morally good or morally indifferent; second, that the bad result not be directly intended; third, that the good …

How is the double effect doctrine applied to euthanasia?

The doctrine is applied in a selective and arbitrary way. The prohibition of euthanasia must derive from a belief that direct killing of the innocent is supremely and always wrong, in a way that dreadful mutilations are not. That belief may or may not be true. The patient should decide for himself.

What are the two main arguments against euthanasia?

Opposition to euthanasia cannot be based on an objection to achieving good effects through bad effects. The second argument against the doctrine is that the patient’s own ethical evaluation of a method or an outcome should determine whether it is good or bad. Patients reluctantly agree to mutilation by the removal of normal tissue.

What are the conditions of the double effect?

Conditions of the Principle of Double Effect. The principle of the double effect states that it is morally permissible to perform an action that will produce both good and bad effects as long as the following conditions are all met.

Is the doctrine of the double effect irrelevant?

Death is not always bad – so double effect is irrelevant: Other philosophers say that the Doctrine of Double Effect assumes that we think that death is always bad.