What are the responsibilities of a chief warden?

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What are the responsibilities of a chief warden?

The Chief Warden’s duty will be to assume control of the occupants of the building:

  • from the time an alarm is given,
  • through to the arrival of the emergency service, and until emergency service recommendation is given for building re-entry.

Should a fire warden be the last person to leave the building?

Ensure every person has left the building, including bathroom facilities and storage areas. Use fire fighting equipment, such as extinguishers, if it is safe to do so. If it isn’t safe, then the most important thing is to stay safe, leave the fire for the emergency services.

What should be in a fire warden kit?

Fire Warden Kit

  • 1 x Red Polyester Duffle Bag – features adjustable and removable shoulder strap and woven carry handles.
  • 1 x Megaphone (batteries not included)
  • 1 x Disposable Air Horn.
  • 1 x 380ml Disposable Air Horn Canister.
  • 1 x Yellow V-Gard Hard Hat – Pre-printed “FIRE WARDEN”.

What four things should a fire warden look for when checking doors?

Day-to-day, fire wardens can check the following:

  • Fire doors are undamaged and not wedged open.
  • Emergency escape routes are clearly signed.
  • Fire exits and escape routes are not blocked.
  • Firefighting equipment, e.g. fire extinguishers and fire blankets, are stored correctly and not missing or damaged.

What Colour helmet does a chief warden wear?

Emergency Warden Hat Colours [1] Chief Warden, Deputy Warden and Communications officer use a white helmet.

What should the person in charge fire warden do immediately?

When the fire alarm sounds the fire wardens should immediately commence their sweep, ensuring that all occupants in the designated area are responding to the fire alarm and leaving as quickly as possible via the nearest fire exit.

What Colour hat does a chief warden wear?

Emergency Warden Hat Colours [1] Chief Warden, Deputy Warden and Communications officer use a white helmet. [2] An area warden who reports directly to the chief warden has a yellow colored hat.

Who wears yellow hat in emergency?

The floor or area warden wears a yellow helmet and has the following roles: starts the emergency procedures for the floor or area. makes sure the emergency services have been notified. directs wardens to check the floor or area for any situations that are not normal.

What are the 6 Fire Marshal responsibilities?

The duties of a fire marshal are outlined as follows:

  • Assess fire risks.
  • Spot and report hazards.
  • Take appropriate action in the event of a fire.
  • Administer first aid.
  • Fight fire where necessary.
  • Ensure a safe, efficient evacuation.

Is there a checklist for a fire warden?

A checklist is an effective tool to help ensure that fire wardens don’t forget their duties. It is easy to forget even simple steps, which could be very damaging to a business and it’s employees in the event of a fire. Click here to download our handy PDF checklist, ready to use during your duties as a fire warden.

Is there a handbook for Chief Wardens first 5 minutes?

This handbook is produced as a general guide for Chief and Deputy Wardens associated with First 5 Minutes’ training activities. Built with In5.

What should the Chief Warden do in an emergency?

If an emergency is declared, the Chief Warden shall initiate the emergency procedures which should include the following actions: ensure that the appropriate emergency service has been notified, ensure that the Floor Wardens are advised of the situation, if necessary, initiate evacuation procedure,

How are floor wardens appointed in a building?

General Floor Warden Floor wardens are appointed for each floor, or zone. The number of wardens depends on the area to cover, to efficiently evacuate the building. Consult your Chief Warden. Notify the Chief Warden prior to the event of an emergency regarding: