Where was Kevin Sorbo born and raised in Minnesota?

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Where was Kevin Sorbo born and raised in Minnesota?

Sorbo was born in Mound, Minnesota, on September 24, 1958.

What was the first movie Kevin Sorbo played in?

In between the years playing Hercules, he played his first leading film role in Kull the Conqueror (1997). After Hercules came to an end, Sorbo played the starring role of Captain Dylan Hunt in the science-fiction drama series Andromeda from 2000 to 2005.

Where does Kevin Sorbo of giving candy to strangers live?

In 2015, Sorbo provided the foreword to Stan Holden’s book Giving Candy to Strangers. He and his wife own a house in Park City, Utah, at St. Regis Deer Valley resort. He also owns houses in both Southampton, New York, and Henderson, Nevada.

When did Kevin Sorbo have an aneurysm in his shoulder?

In late 1997 while on a publicity tour for Kull the Conqueror and between the fourth and fifth seasons of Hercules, the newly engaged Sorbo experienced an aneurysm in his shoulder which caused four strokes. As a result, he was weakened for the next several years, a condition kept secret from the public while he recovered.

Who was the father of George Formby Sr?

George Formby was born James Lawler Booth in Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, on 4 October 1875. He was the illegitimate and only child of Sarah Jane Booth (c. 1856–1912), a poor, illiterate cotton weaver.

When did George Formby and Martha Maria Salter get married?

In 1897 Formby met Martha Maria Salter, a 20-year-old music hall performer, and they married in her home town of Halifax in August. Little is known about Salter, although the 1901 census shows that she was still living with her parents.

When did George Formby change his stage name?

He devised several characters with their own costumes, and composed a series of comic songs. By 1896 his assignment book records that he was buying and collecting comic songs and securing the singing rights. He was billed as J.H. Booth until 1897, when he changed his stage name to George Formby.

How many children did George Formby and Eliza Formby have?

Formby and Eliza had thirteen children, of whom seven survived: four daughters and three sons. The cultural historian David Bret states that Formby was “possessed of staggering consumptive virility”, as the comedian also had several children with other partners.