What was the most significant outcome of the election of 1824 quizlet?

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What was the most significant outcome of the election of 1824 quizlet?

In the election of 1824, none of the candidates were able to secure a majority of the electoral vote, thereby putting the outcome in the hands of the House of Representatives, which elected John Quincy Adams over rival Andrew Jackson.

Who was in the running for president in 1824?

The crowded field included John Quincy Adams, the son of the second President, John Adams. Quincy Adams, representing New England, had separated with the Federalists in the early 1800s and served on various diplomatic missions, including the assignment to secure peace with Great Britain in 1814.

Who was the Vice President of the United States in 1824?

Policy played a reduced role in the election, though positions on tariffs and internal improvements did create significant disagreements. Both Adams and Jackson supporters backed Secretary of War John C. Calhoun of South Carolina for vice president. He easily secured the majority of electoral votes for that office.

Who was elected President of the United States in 1825?

On Feb. 9, 1825, the House held its election, in which each state delegation got one vote. Clay had made it known that he supported Adams and thanks to his influence, Adams won the vote and was elected president. Jackson, already famous for his temper, was furious.

Who was the Speaker of the House in 1824?

House Speaker Clay did not want to see his rival, Jackson, become President and set about his efforts within the House to secure the Presidency for Adams, lobbying members to cast their vote for the candidate from New England.

How many electoral votes were needed for president in 1824?

In the November 1824 election, 131 electoral votes, just over half of the 261 total, were necessary to elect a candidate president. Although it had no bearing on the outcome of the election, popular votes were counted for the first time in this election.

How many electoral votes did Crawford get in 1824?

With Crawford picking up 41 electoral votes and Clay 37, no candidate received a majority, however, and the House of Representatives would therefore choose among the top three leading candidates, as dictated by the Twelfth Amendment.

Who was the fifth candidate to run for president in 1824?

A fifth candidate, John C. Calhoun, withdrew, instead choosing to run for vice president. Adams won New England, Jackson and Adams split the mid-Atlantic states, Jackson and Clay split the Western states, and Jackson and Crawford split the Southern states.

Who was President of the United States in 1824?

Monroe attempted to improve discipline by appointing leading statesmen to his Cabinet, including Secretary of State John Quincy Adams of Massachusetts, Secretary of the Treasury William H. Crawford of Georgia, and Secretary of War John C. Calhoun of South Carolina.