What Marvel graphic novel should I start with?

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What Marvel graphic novel should I start with?

For my money, I’d recommend checking out Marvel’s earliest standout comics, Amazing Spider-Man by Steve Ditko, John Romita and Stan Lee, and Fantastic Four by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. For new readers, note that these comics feel like they were written in the 1960’s, and guess what, they were!

Does Marvel do graphic novels?

From the biggest and boldest storytellers in comics comes our library of Original Graphic Novels! Dive in and get reading— these prestige, mega-sized tales can’t be contained in a single comic!

What are the best Marvel comics to read?

The best Marvel Comics stories of all time according to the…

  1. Infinity Gauntlet. (Image credit: Marvel Comics)
  2. X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga.
  3. Amazing Spider-Man: The Night Gwen Stacy Died.
  4. Civil War.
  5. X-Men: Age of Apocalypse.
  6. Secret Wars.
  7. Daredevil: Born Again.
  8. Fantastic Four: The Coming of Galactus.

Are all Marvel Comics connected?

The action of most of the Marvel Comics titles takes place in a continuity known as Earth-616. This continuity exists in a multiverse alongside trillions of alternative continuities. Alternative continuities in the Marvel Multiverse are generally defined in terms of their differences from Earth-616.

Who invented the term graphic novel?

Will Eisner
Comics readers and creators, that is. By the time the great cartoonist Will Eisner slapped the term “graphic novel” on his 1978 book, A Contract With God and Other Tenement Stories, the term had been percolating around comics fandom for years.

Who is Marvel’s most popular character?

Thanos, the big bad of Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and Avengers: Endgame (2019), claimed the top spot, and Spider-Man foe Venom claimed the third.

What is the most successful Marvel comic?

1. Infinity Gauntlet. This took the lead by a wide margin: the 1991 limited series Infinity Gauntlet by Jim Starlin, George Perez, and Ron Lim had it all. Here, the story of Thanos finally assembling all six Infinity Gems and placing them in his gauntlet to become a godlike being – and what comes next – is told.