What is on at the Palace Balwyn?

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What is on at the Palace Balwyn?

  • SCA21 A Piece of My Heart (18+) – 116 MIN. No free tickets. Allocated seating. 11:00am.
  • SCA21 Games People Play (18+) – 117 MIN. No free tickets. Allocated seating. 1:30pm.
  • SCA21 The Emigrants (PG) – 191 MIN. No free tickets. Allocated seating. 6:30pm.
  • SCA21 Wildland (MA15+) – 89 MIN. No free tickets. Allocated seating. 4:10pm.

What is upgrade Palace Cinema?

What is an UPGRADE session? Our UPGRADE sessions offer an ‘upgrade’ to indulge in our luxurious Premium Recliner Seat cinemas for only $3 before 5pm, and $5 post-5pm. Please note that In-House food service or any PLATINUM Menu is not available with an UPGRADE session.

How many Palace Cinemas are there in Australia?

24 cinemas
Palace Cinemas is the fifth largest major cinema chain in Australia, with various locations in CBD and inner suburban areas of most capital cities. Palace Cinemas currently comprises 24 cinemas with 180 screens and more than 550 staff.

What happened Cinema Paradiso?

Cinema Paradiso is now under new management with Palace Cinemas.

How many Palace Cinemas are there?

Today, Palace Cinemas comprises over 180 screens across 24 locations nationally that offer sophisticated comfort and a chance to escape and indulge.

What is difference between Vmax and original?

Vmax cinemas are larger than normal and the screen is slightly curved. The seating is a lot more comfy also (I’m going by the cinema I go to – I’m assuming they are all the same). The screen is much bigger as is the cinema seating area.

Why Cinema Paradiso is a great movie?

Cinema Paradiso is a profoundly important movie because it deals with identifiable emotions/issues that could be considered universal on so many levels. The entire story is retrospective similar to Fellini’s style as well as a love story that pulls in the viewer on an emotional level.

What kind of movies are at Palace Balwyn?

Balwyn offers a high-quality program with a range of international and local art-house films, quality blockbusters, operas, special events and family-friendly favourites. For the best value experience and special offers, be sure to join our Free or Premium Movie Club Memberships. Experience our Deluxe Screen at Palace Balwyn!

Where is the parking at the palace Balwyn?

Non-restricted parking is available in nearby Norbert St and off-street parking is located at Balwyn Park off Whitehorse Rd, a short walk from the cinema. Tram route 109, stop 46 in both directions. Arthur Radley, Augello’s Balwyn Ristorante & Pizzeria. For events, cinema hire & group bookings, please enquire here.

When do the phone lines open at Palace Balwyn?

The cinema and phone lines are open 15 minutes prior to the first session of the day. The cinema is open 15 minutes before the first session of the day and 15 minutes after the last session of the day 7 days a week

Where are the Palace Cinemas located in Sydney?

Session Times IN Sydney. 1 Palace Central Sydney. Level 3, Central Park Mall, 28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW, Australia. 2 Palace Central Sydney. 3 Palace Norton St. 4 Palace Verona. 5 Chauvel Cinema.