When was the first inauguration on January 20?

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When was the first inauguration on January 20?

January 20 first served as Inauguration Day in 1937 when Roosevelt was sworn in for a second term. (On years when January 20 is a Sunday, a private swearing-in ceremony occurs with the public oath…

How many inaugurations have there been in the United States?

Oaths of office. Since 1789 there have been 58 inaugural ceremonies to mark the commencement of a new four-year term of a president of the United States, and an additional nine marking the start of a partial presidential term following the intra-term death or resignation of an incumbent president.

When was inauguration day postponed to March 4?

All of the dangers that were present by delaying inauguration to March 4 are now present from delaying it until Jan. 20. GAZETTE: But March 4 was Inauguration Day for a long time. Although Congress proposed the 20th Amendment in 1932, it didn’t go into effect until 1937.

When was the last time a president was inaugurated on a Sunday?

The exception to this pattern was those years in which March 4 fell on a Sunday. When it did, the public inauguration ceremony would take place on Monday, March 5. This happened on four occasions, in 1821, 1849, 1877, and 1917.

What was the deadline for electoral votes in 2000?

Electoral College Day was Monday, December 18. The deadline for receipt of the electoral votes by the President of the Senate was Wednesday, December 27, 2000. Congress convened on Wednesday, January 3, 2001. The electoral votes were counted in a joint session of Congress on January 6, 2001.

Who was on the Supreme Court in 2000?

A day earlier, lawyers representing the Texas governor and Vice President Al Gore — the candidates for president in a race yet to be decided — had sparred in the Supreme Court over the contentious recount in Florida. Support our journalism. Subscribe today.

Who was the Green Party candidate for president in 2000?

Add to the mix the popularity of Green Party candidate Ralph Nader and a handful of other third-party candidates, such as the Reform Party’s Pat Buchanan, the results from election night promised to be very interesting. And they were. In 2000, Election Day fell on Tuesday, November 7, 2000.

Who was Florida Secretary of State in 2000?

On November 14, 2000, Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris was handed a court ruling that upheld her order that all counties in Florida must have certified election returns in to her office by 5:00 pm on that day (by Florida statute, one week following the election).