What is HDMI through Onkyo?

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What is HDMI through Onkyo?

A: It’s an HDMI pass-through, so you just plug in all your gear to the receiver and one HDMI cable to your tv. Then it’s just a matter of selecting the right input with the remote or the buttons on the front of the unit. The audio will output from the receiver and pass the video to your tv.

Does Onkyo support HDMI ARC?

ARC is enabled in the receiver and the TV, they are connected via HDMI 2/ARC on the LG and Monitor Out on the Onkyo.

How do I connect my Onkyo receiver to my HDMI TV?

Just use the HDMI 1 port on the back of your TV. Connect the other end of the cable to your receiver. You’re looking for something labeled HDMI Out; it’s usually a different color. If necessary, connect a digital optical cable to the back of your TV (optical out), and the other end to your receiver (optical in).

How do I connect my Onkyo receiver to HDMI ARC?

How to Enable ARC LG 47LW550T Onkyo TX-SR608

  1. Press Setup on the Onkyo Remote.
  2. Assuming you have OSD enabled, you will see the setup menu on screen.
  3. Go to Hardware Setup.
  4. Go to HDMI.
  5. Set HDMI Control (RIHD) to On.
  6. Set Power Control to On.
  7. Set TV Control to On.
  8. Exit Setup by pressing the Setup button on the Onkyo remote.

Can a Onkyo receiver work with a Samsung UHDTV?

I have experienced a problem with my Onkyo receiver (TX-NR626) where the Pass Through is set, the light is on and I can still get the cable tv signal from the receiver over to the Samsung UHDTV. Both units support ARC and the connection is made by HDMI to the ARC port on the tv.

How can I get Onkyo to pass through my TV?

No fiddling with any settings or turning on or off seems to produce the audio on pass through. At all times if the receiver is turned on and set to SAT/CAB input then one gets TV video and audio thru the speakers of the receiver, even TV audio in this case (that can be muted).

Why does my Onkyo HDMI pass through not work?

A BD player which is part of the system is not set up to pass through when the receiver is off. That is the only other device in the system and works with no apparent problems. Only the HDMI pass through function, supposed to work with the receiver in standby (off) mode, and only involving audio signals, seems to be erratic or unstable.