How do I claim my Vodafone reward points?

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How do I claim my Vodafone reward points?

Simply reply “Collect” to 27822 (free from your Vodafone mobile) once you receive a Rewards text. After you reply once, we will start auto-collecting the points for you. Alternatively, each time you top up, you’ll receive a code by text.

How do I find out how many reward points I have?

The best way to find out what your points are worth is to log into your credit card account online, look for a rewards redemption section, and see how many points are needed for merchandise, cash back, gift cards, and travel.

How do I claim my smart reward points?

How to Redeem Rewards. To redeem rewards, simply text REDEEM to 9800.

How can I get free Vodafone?

With the trick get 10GB 4G data on your Vodafone Number. So, if you are a Vodafone user grab this offer….Vodafone Free Internet Today.

Vodafone Free Internet Validity Number
Free 0.1 GB Data *111*99#
Free 2 GB 10 Days Just Dial *999#

Can you use Vodafone Freebee Rewardz Pointz online?

You’ll receive exactly the same amount of Pointz if you choose to opt in to Auto Grow as you would do by claiming your Pointz online. You can only use Vodafone Freebee Rewardz Pointz on our Freebee Rewardz site. 11. Pointz and Rewardz are for your personal, non-commercial use and can’t be transferred to anyone else.

What do you get with Vodafone grab Rewardz?

‘Grab’ is an instant reward that you can claim there and then. To shake things up a bit, you’ll see a choice of three Grab Rewardz straight away and the chance to win one of our special star prizes (something like an MP3 player, an experience day, vouchers – or maybe a 4G-ready phone).

Is the FreeBee cinema pass the same as a debit card?

A credEcardplus card is your Freebee Rewardz Cinema Pass. This is a prepaid Visa card. Is my Freebee Rewardz Cinema Pass the same as a debit card or credit card? No, your Freebee Rewardz Cinema Pass (credEcardplus card) is a prepaid card which can be used at any UK Cinema displaying the Visa symbol.

Can You Change Your Mind on Vodafone Rewardz?

Once you’ve chosen your reward you won’t be able to change your mind. However, if you’ve picked a Vodafone product (like a phone) you’ll be able to return it in accordance with our returns policy. Ask in one of our stores for details.