How long is Koe no katachi?

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How long is Koe no katachi?

Duration: 2 hr. 10 min.

Did Koe no katachi end?

“A Silent Voice” is the sixty-second and final chapter of the Koe no Katachi manga.

What should I watch after Koe no katachi?

10 Anime Like Koe no Katachi

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  • Makoto Shinkai: The History of the Director of ‘Your Name’ (Kimi no Na wa) The Anthem of the Heart.
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Is Koe no katachi a real story?

“It is almost certainly a lie or myth being spread around by people in an attempt to create an urban myth, legend, or creepypasta – similar in how some people have previously spread false rumors of K-On being based on a real story. In both cases, these are fictitious.

Why did shoya bully Shoko?

Shoya had a female classmate called Shoko, who was deaf. Some of the friends of Shoya start bullying Shoko. Shoya starts blaming Shoko for the loneliness he was going through. Throughout the course of the film, it is seen that both Shoya and Shoko are going through their lives journeys filled with pain and suffering.

Which is better Kimi no Na Wa or Koe no katachi?

After watching both movies twice, I’ve decided that I enjoyed Koe no Katachi more. My reasons were that the characters were more likable, the art style was more vibrant, and the overall plot was more enjoyable to see play out than Kimi no Na wa’s, but that isn’t saying that Kimi no Na wa wasn’t great either.

Will there be a silent voice 2?

The movie had its premiere in Japan on September 17, 2016, and it had been released in various parts of the world between the period of February and June 2017. Unfortunately, for the fans of this movie, we have sad news. It seems that the continuation of the story will not happen at all.

Is Shoya Ishida dead?

No one died in A Silent Voice, and every character is alive by the end. However, Nishimiya and Ishida almost died when the latter tried to save the girl from falling. While none of the characters died, as I said above, there were instances where it was a very distinct possibility.