What are the colors of personality?

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What are the colors of personality?

There are four basic personality types, each with a color that reflects their main characteristics: Dominant Red, Planner Blue, Charismatic Yellow, and Stable Green. All can be exceptional leaders if they work from their strengths.

What personality type is Blue?

Those with Blue color personality strengths tend to be enthusiastic, sympathetic, communicative, compassionate, idealistic, sincere and imaginative. They care and want to contribute to everything they are a part of. Relationships are important to blues.

What do blue personalities need?

If you are a BLUE personality style: Your core Values are Authenticity and Harmony. Your core Needs are People and Relationships. Blues seek harmonious relationships and believe in true love.

What are the colors of the personality test?

The Color Code is a personality test that categorizes people into four different personality types: Red, Blue, Yellow and White. At the Color Code, we believe people are born with an innate personality that comes with a driving core motive (motive in life), strengths and limitations.

Which is the best description of a yellow personality?

The yellow personality treats life as if it’s one big, continous party. If faced with a stressful situation, the yellow person would seek out friends and drink it out. Most yellow personalities fear rejection most. Tendencies: Optimism. Enthusiasm. Makes good impressions. Verbally articulate.

What’s the difference between a green and blue personality?

Because of the green’s inability to say no, people oftentimes take advantage of them. The blue personality type is seen as perfectionists. They are the ones who would generally examine the smallest details of every situation and fret about each one of them.

How are the different types of personality divided?

Below a more detailed description on each personality which can be divided in Introversion (Green and Blue) vs Extraversion (Red and Yellow) and Thinking (Blue and Green) vs Feeling (Yellow and Green).