Is Valyrian a real language?

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Is Valyrian a real language?

The Valyrian languages are a fictional language family in the A Song of Ice and Fire series of fantasy novels by George R. R. Martin, and in their television adaptation Game of Thrones.

What is the Valyrian word for fire?

9 Dracarys The High Valyrian word for “dragonfire,” commonly used in-universe by Daenerys Targaryen to command her dragons to breathe fire.

How many High Valyrian words are there?

Right now, High Valyrian has grown to comprise about 2,000 words, according to Peterson. The language may be fictional, but it has its own — very real — system of rules that govern it, same as any other language.

How do you say unsullied in Valyrian?

Instead, out of respect the Dothraki borrow the name that the Unsullied call themselves in Low Valyrian: “Dovaogēdy” (literally “unsullied”. Plural: “Dovaogēdys”).

What is Valyrian queen?

Khaleesi: (Valyrian names) meaning “Queen”.

What is fly in Valyrian?

sōvētēs – “Fly”. Daenerys tells this in plural form to her dragons in Yunkai. She was intended to say sōvēs to Drogon to have him take off from Daznak’s Pit with her aboard, but instead said valahd (“horizon”; informally, “Giddyup!” or “Hya!”) in Dothraki.

Is Dracarys a real word?

Dracarys is the high Valyrian word for Dragonfire.

Why does melisandre say Dracarys?

“‘Dracarys’ is clearly meant for Dany,” Benioff said. “Missandei knows that her life is over, and she’s saying, you know, ‘Light them up. It’s powerful that Missandei chose that to be her final word to the queen she’s served so faithfully.

What did valar morghulis mean?

all men must die
Valar morghulis is a High Valyrian saying originating from Braavos, a city located on the northwestern tip of Essos. It means “all men must die,” and it’s usually answered with the phrase valar dohaeris, meaning “all men must serve.”

Where is Valyrian spoken?

High Valyrian is the language of the old Valyrian Freehold which was located on the eastern continent of Essos. Much of Essos was once dominated by the Valyrians for thousands of years, stretching from the Free Cities in the west, to Slaver’s Bay in the east.