How do I know when my Razor E100 is charged?

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How do I know when my Razor E100 is charged?

Your battery should be completely charged when the charger light turns a solid Green after a full 12 hours of charging. If your charger shows a solid Green light after charging for a shorter period of time, your battery may not be fully charged. Continue charging for the full 8 hours.

How long does it take to charge a Razor E100 Electric Scooter?

12 hours
Initial charge time: 12 hours. Recharge time: up to 12 hours, even if the light turns green. Recommended maximum charging time is 24 hours. Always charge the battery immediately after riding.

How do I know when my electric scooter is charged?

When the scooter and outlet are both correctly hooked up to the charger, an indicator light will come on to show you that the scooter is charging. This light is usually red and may be flashing. When the scooter is fully charged, the light will turn green. Let the battery charge until the indicator light turns green.

How can I charge my electric scooter battery without a charger?

If you do not have a designated charger to charge the batteries, you can make a portable home battery charger using the following equipment:

  1. Deionized water or Electrolyte.
  2. Electric cables for positive and negative connection.
  3. Voltmeter and Hydrometer to monitor the charge.
  4. Gloves and goggles for hands and eyes safety.

How long does it take to charge an E100?

• Initial charge time: 12 hours • Recharge time: up to 8 hours, Battery should be recharged a minimum of 8 hours after each use. 5. Note: The E100 must be going 3 mph before the motor will start. Kick to 3 mph then activate the speed control while simultaneously pressing the green“go” button to engage the motor.

Where can I find the owner’s manual for the razor E100?

Visit our web site for updates and a list of authorized service centers at or call toll-free at 866-467-2967 Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Pacific Time. Brake Lever Adjuster… ASSEMBLY AND SET-UP ❑ Charging the Battery Your electric scooter may not have a fully charged battery.

How old do you have to be to ride a electric scooter?

The recommended minimum rider age is 8 and older. Any rider unable to fit comfortably on the scooter should not attempt to ride it. A parent’s decision to allow his or her child to ride this product should be based on the child’s maturity, skill and ability to follow rules.

Where is the best place to use an electric scooter?

The electric scooter is intended for use on flat, dry surfaces, such as pavement or level ground, without loose debris, such as sand, leaves, rocks or gravel. Wet, slick, bumpy, uneven or rough surfaces may impair traction and contributeto possible accidents.