What was Francisco Franco main goal?

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What was Francisco Franco main goal?

Several historians believe that during the Spanish Civil War, General Francisco Franco’s goal was to turn Spain into a totalitarian state like Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, which he largely succeeded in doing.

What did Francisco Franco promise?

However, Franco did agree to provide logistical and intelligence support and promised to send a volunteer force, the Spanish Blue Division, to help the fight against communism in Europe. After the defeat of France in May 1940, Adolf Hitler resumed negotiations with Franco.

How did Francisco Franco come to power quizlet?

How did Franco rise to power? His Nationalist forces overthrew the democratically elected Second Republic during the Spanish Civil War. You just studied 10 terms!

Who was Francisco Franco a medieval king?

Who was Francisco Franco? a medieval king a Catholic leader sent by Rome a 20th-century dictator a Basque separatist. Francisco Franco was: a 20th-century dictator. Francisco Franco was: a 20th-century dictator.

Which country followed a policy of isolationism in the 1930s?

Answer Expert Verified. The answer is the United States. The US was rapt by inconsistent needs and welfares in foreign associations. Some Americans, called internationalists, were powerfully in approval of full contribution in world businesses.

How does a totalitarian government differ from the most authoritarian government?

Totalitarianism attempts to do this by asserting total control over the lives of its citizens, whereas authoritarianism prefers the blind submission of its citizens to authority. While totalitarian states tend to have a highly developed guiding ideology, authoritarian states usually do not.

What did the Francoist government do to the Catholic Church?

In contrast to the anticlericalism of the Popular Front, the Francoist regime established policies that were highly favorable to the Catholic Church, which was restored to its previous status as the official religion of Spain.

Who was the dictator of Spain from 1939 to 1975?

The general and dictator Francisco Franco (1892-1975) ruled over Spain from 1939 until his death.

How did the fascists entrench themselves in Italy?

The Fascists began their attempt to entrench Fascism in Italy with the Acerbo Law, which guaranteed a plurality of the seats in parliament to any party or coalition list in an election that received 25% or more of the vote.