What does PF stand for in basketball box scores?

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What does PF stand for in basketball box scores?

PF = Personal fouls. PTS = Points scored. +/- = Plus/Minus.

What does PF mean in basketball terms?

The power forward (PF), also known as the four, is a position in basketball.

What does the PF and PA in basketball stats mean?

In Basketball stats, PF means “Personal Foul”. PF also means “Power Forward”, a position on a basketball team.If you are looking at NBA standings, PF means “Points For”, or how many points a team is averaging, and PA means “Points Against”, or how many points they are allowing. Home Science Math and Arithmetic

What does PF power forward mean in basketball?

PF Power Forward Nba, Sports, Power Nba, Sports, Power Suggest to this list Related acronyms and abbreviations Abbr. Meaning NBA

What does PPP stand for in basketball stat sheet?

– PPP = Play Types PPP (points per possession) By Athlete Charts displaying shot locations of different Plays – 2FGM = P&R Two-Point Field Goals Made By Athlete – 3FGM = P&R Three-Point Field Goals Made By Athlete

What does pisp stand for in basketball stat sheet?

– PISP = Points In Set Plays By Athlete – PITP = Points In The Paint By Athlete – POOBB = Points On Baseline Inbounds (Out Of Bounds – Baseline) By Athlete – POOBS = Points On Sideline Inbounds (Out Of Bounds – Sideline) By Athlete -Unsp = Unsportsmanlike Fouls By Athlete – DQ = Disqualifying Fouls By Athlete – OffRtg = Offensive Rating By Athlete

What does plus minus mean in basketball stats?

Plus minus is a useful way to determine player’s value his team, because it encompasses everything player does on the basketball floor, even things nba doesn’t keep official statistics plus (, minus) sports statistic used measure impact calculated for each game played, provide more meaningful over full season.

What does FG percent mean in basketball stats?

FG% percentage is a performance statistic. It can help show a player’s ability independent of pure scoring. A criticism of field goal percentage is that it does not distinguish between 2 and 3 point shots. An alternate metric is “Effective Field Goal Percentage” (eFG%), which does.

What does PD stand for in basketball stats?

PD – passes defensed. A relatively new stat. We are still working on integrating it into our data set. Pnt – punts. Pos – position. Note that this is upper-case if the player was his team’s primary starter at the given position, it is lower-case if the player started some games but was not his team’s primary starter.

What does EFF mean in basketball statistics?

The NBA also posts to the statistics section of its Web site a simple composite efficiency statistic, denoted EFF and derived by the formula, ( (Points + Rebounds + Assists + Steals + Blocks) − ( (Field Goals Attempted − Field Goals Made) + (Free Throws Attempted − Free Throws Made) + Turnovers)).