How many votes did Wallace get in 1968?

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How many votes did Wallace get in 1968?

He won 9,901,118 popular votes (out of a total of 73,199,998)—that is, 13.53% of votes cast nationally—carried five Southern states – Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi – won 45 electoral votes plus one vote from a faithless elector, and came fairly close to receiving enough votes to throw the election …

Did Nixon win the popular vote?

Nixon won the election in a landslide, taking 60.7% of the popular vote and carrying 49 states while being the first Republican to sweep the South. The 1972 presidential election was the first since the ratification of the 26th Amendment, which lowered the voting age from 21 to 18.

How many votes did Teddy Roosevelt get?

1904 United States presidential election

Nominee Theodore Roosevelt Alton B. Parker
Party Republican Democratic
Home state New York New York
Running mate Charles W. Fairbanks Henry G. Davis
Electoral vote 336 140

What was Bear Bryant’s winning record at Alabama?

Bryant’s teams at Alabama averaged 9.28 victories a year, an average unequaled by any other college coach. Bryant’s career coaching record of 323 regular season wins, 85 losses, and 17 ties broke the long-standing record of Amos Alonzo Stagg for most games won by a college coach.

Who was the third party candidate for president in 1968?

For much of 1968, George Wallace, the militant racist from Alabama who ran on a third-party ticket, was riding so high in the polls that it seemed entirely possible he could win enough states to force the House to choose the president. In the end, Richard Nixon won a clear majority of the electoral votes.

What are some interesting facts about Paul Bryant?

To mark the occasion, here are 100 facts you may or may not know about the legendary Alabama football coach, presented in chronological order. 1. Paul William Bryant was born in Moro Bottom in south central Arkansas. Moro Bottom is not an actual town, but rather a plot named for nearby Moro Creek.

When did Bear Bryant resign from the University of Kentucky?

Bryant resigned after the president reinstated an athlete Bryant had dismissed for breaking training rules. At the University of Kentucky, Lexington (1946–53), his team won 60 games, lost 23, and tied 5; won the school’s first Southeastern Conference championship; and won three of four bowl games.