Who plays Zuke 22 Jump Street?

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Who plays Zuke 22 Jump Street?

22 Jump Street isn’t hurting for great comic performers from Channing Tatum to Ice Cube, but Wyatt Russell is the movie’s secret weapon.

Is 22 Jump Street a good movie?

’22 Jump Street’ truly builds on the basis of the first film, further expanding upon the bromantic chemistry between Tatum and Hill creating an even more solid sequel full of good-natured humour and relentless action that made its predecessor such a great film.

Is Alec Baldwin in 21 Jump Street?

Walters in 21 Jump Street (2002)

What happened to Molly 21 Jump Street?

Following 21 Jump Street Brie Larson moved on to Community season 4 and she revealed in 2013 that after talking with directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller that Molly wouldn’t be coming back. They shot Hill’s side of the scene, but in the end, Brie Larson’s footage wasn’t filmed as the scene was scrapped.

Is 22 Jump Street Kid friendly?

Age Appropriate For: 17+. The film is not as egregious of an R rating as something like “Neighbors,” but it’s still not necessarily appropriate for younger teenagers. The film is about on par with its predecessor. …

Who is Alec Baldwin’s daughter?

Ireland Baldwin
Carmen Gabriela BaldwinLucia Baldwin
Alec Baldwin/Daughters

Who are the actors in 22 Jump Street?

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete Jonah Hill Schmidt Channing Tatum Jenko Peter Stormare The Ghost Wyatt Russell Zook Amber Stevens West Maya (as Amber Stevens)

Who are the Asian gangsters in 22 Jump Street?

1st Asian gangster (23 Jump Street: Medical School) (uncredited) Valerie Torres Spring Breaker (uncredited) Joshua Tran Parent (uncredited) Joseph Uzzell Dad (uncredited) Matt Vogel

Who is Deputy Chief Hardy in 22 Jump Street?

However, after failing in the pursuit of a group of drug dealers led by Ghost (Peter Stormare), Deputy Chief Hardy (Nick Offerman) puts the duo back on the program to work for Captain Dickson (Ice Cube) – now located across the street at 22 Jump Street.

What happens to Schmidt and Jenko’s relationship in 22 Jump Street?

Schmidt and Jenko’s relationship is tested when Jenko is brought back on the cool side while Schmidt hangs out with a girl named Maya. At the same time they must decide if they can keep their relationship together as friends, or as cops. The synopsis below may give away important plot points.