How many mental hospitals are there in Pakistan?

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How many mental hospitals are there in Pakistan?

five mental hospitals
There are five mental hospitals available in the country for a total of 1.9 beds per 100,000 population. 100% of these facilities are organizationally integrated with mental health outpatient facilities.

How much does a psychiatrist cost in Pakistan?

The fee of top Psychiatrist in Pakistan ranges from 300PKR to 3000PKR.

Which is largest hospital in Pakistan?

Mayo Hospital
Mayo Hospital is one of the oldest and biggest hospitals in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan….

Mayo Hospital
Location Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Affiliated university King Edward Medical University

Who is best psychiatrist in Pakistan?

Best psychiatrist in Pakistan

  • Dr. Munir Ahmad Khan.
  • Dr. Salman Shafiq.
  • Col. Dr. Shahida Arshad.
  • Dr. Muhammad Usman Noor. Psychiatrist 0 Feedback.
  • Dr. Muhammad Mujtaba. Psychiatrist 0 Feedback.
  • Dr. Jawed Akbar Dars. Psychiatrist 0 Feedback.
  • Dr. Washdev Amar. Psychiatrist 0 Feedback.
  • Dr. Iqtidar Taufiq. Psychiatrist 0 Feedback.

What state has best mental hospitals?

Statistical Data

Rank State
01 Vermont
01 Vermont
02 Massachusetts
02 Massachusetts

How many public and private hospitals are there in Pakistan?

List of hospitals in Pakistan shows the hospitals in Pakistan by administrative region and city with links to articles in WikiPedia on notable hospitals. According to 2016 statistics, Pakistan has more than 1200 public hospitals and 700 private hospitals.

Which is the best hospital in Karachi Pakistan?

1 A.O. Hospital 2 Abbassi Shaheed Hospital 3 Aga Khan Hospital 4 Aga Khan University Hospital 5 Burhani Hospital 6 Dr. Ruth K.M. Pfau, Civil Hospital Karachi 7 Dr. Ziauddin Hospital 8 Health Oriented Preventive Education 9 Holy Family Hospital, Karachi 10 Jinnah Hospital Karachi 11 Liaquat National Hospital 12 Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre, Karachi

Who are the doctors and dentists in Pakistan?

All the doctors who are providing their services are certified and they all have a legal licence from Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC) to practice this profession. During the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals in Pakistan take all the necessary measures and tackle the pandemic very effectively.

Which is the second largest city in Pakistan?

The following are some of the hospitals in Rawalpindi, Pakistan: The following are some of the hospitals in Multan, Pakistan: The following are some of the public and private hospitals in Faisalabad, Pakistan: Sindh is the second-most populous province of Pakistan. Karachi is the main city of this province.