Where are Votec bikes made?

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Where are Votec bikes made?

VOTEC: High-end bikes designed and engineered in Germany In fact, VOTEC are so convinced of the quality of their products that they give a 10-year warranty on aluminium frames and a 6-year warranty on carbon frames.

Who is the owner of Canyon Bikes?

Groupe Bruxelles Lambert
Canyon Bicycles/Parent organizations

Is Canyon a German company?

Canyon bikes has been acquired by a Belgian investor, as the company tries to continue its rapid growth. The German bike brand now has a new majority shareholder in the form of Groupe Bruxelles Lambert (GBL), a Belgian holding company that also holds shares in clothing brands Adidas and Burberry.

Are Canyon bikes British?

Canyon bikes is still based in Koblenz, though they do have an office in the UK, based in Chessington, and a US office in Carlsbad, California.

Are Canyon bikes made in the USA?

Canyon frames are produced in Asia, where the company says it has a team that carries out a “quality-management test.” Once the frames are shipped to Koblenz, Canyon carries out a second quality test.

Why are Canyon bikes cheaper?

Canyon Bicycles Are Cheaper than Most Similar Brands And since there are no dealers or middlemen, the supply chain is shorter, and as a result, you pay less for the bikes.

Are Canyon bikes worth it?

Are Canyon Bikes Worth It? Canyon cycles come with high-quality components to match most high-end bike brands though at a decent price point. These bikes are also easier to ride, and the company allows you to customize your size. So, Canyon bicycles are worth what you pay.

Are Canyon bikes made in USA?

Are Canyon bikes good quality?

Canyon Bikes Are High-Quality All components are tested, and the brand employs computer-assisted engineering to develop lightweight but robust frames. Their drivetrains, tires, and saddles are also high-quality.

Do Giants build Canyon frames?

Giant makes Canyon. A fact. Source: The biggest importer of Giant in S/E Asia get to walk inside a Giant factory and see racks of Canyon Aeroad frame fresh out of molds ready to be painted. I talked to exes of this importer who were there.

Do Canyon bikes come assembled?

Canyon bikes can be unboxed anywhere and assembled in a matter of minutes!