How much did the remington 1858 cost?

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How much did the remington 1858 cost?

36-cal. revolvers and 850 . 44-cal. Beals revolvers at a cost to the Army of $15 each….Remington Model 1858.

Remington New Model Army
Action Single-action
Muzzle velocity 550–1286 ft/s
Effective firing range sighted in at 75 yards
Feed system 6 round cylinder (5 round pocket)

What caliber is an 1858 Remington?

.44 caliber
Pietta 1858 Remington® Black Powder Revolver replicates one of the most widely used sidearms of the American Civil War. The Pietta 1858 is . 44 caliber, and uses a single-action trigger.

Who used the 1858 Remington?

Remington Model 1858

Remington New Model
Type Revolver
Place of origin United States
Service history
Used by United States Confederate States United Kingdom Russian Empire Second Mexican Empire Mexico Empire of Japan France Native Americans

Does Remington make a revolver?

More than 25,000 Pocket models were produced, with the majority either converted to or produced as . 32-caliber cartridge pistols. The Remington revolvers were available with both cylinders, again making the Remington a more versatile model than a comparable Colt pocket pistol.

Was the Remington 1858 used in the Civil War?

The Remington Model 1858 eventually saw widespread use throughout the American Civil War (by both Union and the Confederate armies) and globally. It managed its way to Britain, France, Japan, Mexico and Russia as well as seeing use through American Indian tribes.

When did Remington stop making revolvers?

Colt made about 148,000 Single Action Army revolvers from 1875 to 1896. Remington produced some 28,000–33,000 single-actions (25,000–30,000 Model 1875s, 1,000 Model 1888s and 2,000 Model 1890s) before ceasing production of the guns in 1896.

Are Uberti guns any good?

The reproductions which Uberti manufacture are very close to the originals, and in some facets they even outdo them. The materials are tougher, the coatings and hardenings are more durable, and they are way more affordable than actual antique weapons.

What repeating rifles were used in the Civil War?

The Spencer repeating rifle was first adopted by the United States Navy, and later by the United States Army, and it was used during the American Civil War, where it was a popular weapon.