What can I do with a false widow spider UK?

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What can I do with a false widow spider UK?

If you do see a noble false widow spider, you can remove it by placing a glass or other receptacle over the top of them, and then sliding a piece of card under the container. Pick it up carefully and release it outside, preferably a little way away from the property if possible.

Are false widow spiders rare in the UK?

Every autumn there are reports of false widow spiders becoming uninvited eight-legged houseguests in homes across the UK. But despite looking similar to the more dangerous black widows, all these spiders are likely to do is give you a small and relatively harmless bite.

Are false black widow spiders in the UK?

The false widow spiders (Steatoda spp.) There are six species of false widow spiders that live in the UK (Steatoda nobilis, Steatoda grossa, Steatoda bipunctata, Steatoda albomaculata, Steatoda. triangulosa and Asagena phalerata). They are all black or brown, rotund species up to about the size of a small finger-nail.

How can you tell a false widow spider UK?

How to spot a false widow spider

  1. They grow to about the size of a 50 pence coin, 7-15mm in length with a leg span of about 35mm.
  2. The body is quite bulbous, and has a smattering of cream on top.
  3. The cream smattering can sometimes resemble a skull, but this can vary.
  4. Leg and body colour is a browny-orange.

What does a bite from a false widow look like?

A false widow bite looks like most insect bites. A small hole, or the sting itself, may also be visible. The lump may have an inflamed (red and swollen) area around it that may be filled with fluid. It’s long been understood that, though false widows do have a venomous bite, the venom is not particularly potent.

What should I do if I get bitten by a false widow spider?

Wash the affected area with soap and water. Apply a cold compress (a cloth cooled with cold water) or an ice pack to any swelling for at least 10 minutes. Raise or elevate the affected area if possible, as this can help reduce swelling. Avoid scratching the area, to reduce the risk of infection.

Where do you find false widow spiders?

The Steatoda nobilis, more commonly known as the noble false widow spider, originated from Madeira and the Canary Islands, but can now be found throughout Europe, North Africa, West Asia and parts of North and South America.

What kind of spider is a false widow?

Whilst it is the noble false widow spider that is generally referred to there are several other species of false widow spider ( Steatoda) that can also be found in the British Isles. Most common of these is Steatoda grossa, the cupboard spider. Where did they come from?

Where are false widows found in the UK?

False Widows are believed to have been introduced to the UK from the Canary Islands. This happened in the 1880s, with ships weighing anchor in Devon. The spiders have then gradually spread towards the north and east. Records now show they can be found as far afield as Pembrokeshire.

What kind of spider looks like a black widow?

The noble false widow spider looks similar to the black widow spider, hence the name. It has a striking bulbous abdomen which is brownish in colour, usually with distinctive cream markings and reddish-orange legs.

Which is the most venomous spider in the UK?

The noble false widow spider is probably the UK’s most venomous spider. These spiders are capable of inflicting a painful bite. However, they are not usually aggressive to humans, and being bitten is rare. Bites usually result from a defensive action, for example, being accidentally squashed.