What station is CBC music?

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What station is CBC music?

CBC Channels and Frequencies

CBC Radio One
Calgary 99.1 FM Chateh 103.5 FM Coutts/Milk River 90.9 FM
Crowsnest Pass 102.3 FM Edmonton 740 AM Edmonton 93.9 FM
Edson 95.3 FM Etzikom 92.1 FM Exshaw 100.7 FM
Fort Chipewyan 99.9 FM Fort McMurray 99.3 FM Fort Vermilion 105.1 FM

What is the frequency for CBC Radio 2 in Toronto?

91.3 FM
List of radio stations

Call sign Frequency Owner
CBQT-FM-2 91.3 FM CBC Radio One
CFMP-FM 107.7 FM My Broadcasting Corporation
CKTE-FM 89.9 FM Aroland Community Radio
CBQI-FM 90.1 FM CBC Radio One

How many radio stations does CBC have?

CBC Radio

Country Canada
Broadcast area Canada and border areas of the United States via terrestrial transmission, worldwide via the internet and satellite
Stations CBC Radio One, CBC Music, CBC Radio 3

What does the playlist on CBC Radio mean?

Playlist is the name of a series of compilation albums issued by Sony Music Entertainment’s catalogue division, Legacy Recordings. In its most general form, a playlist is simply a list of songs. The term has several specialized meanings in the realms of radio broadcasting and personal computers.

Who are the radio stations of the CBC?

CBC Radio is the radio division of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The division operates a number of radio networks serving different audiences and programming niches. A list of recorded songs or pieces of music chosen to be broadcast on a radio show or by a particular radio station

Who is the host of Variety Tonight on CBC Radio?

Vicki Gabereau, born in Vancouver, BC, is a Canadian radio and television personality. She first worked in radio for a station in Brampton, ON, hosting her own talk show. She later joined the CBC as an archivist, and became host of that network’s Variety Tonight in 1981.

Where can I listen to CBC Music in Canada?

Looking for CBC Music Radio? Listen to CBC Music, Canada’s music station, in Live Radio. C’est formidable!