How accurate is the Clan of the Cave Bear?

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How accurate is the Clan of the Cave Bear?

It’s true that The Clan of the Cave Bear is steeped in scientific accuracy; Auel did her research. This is not one of those accuracies. This appears to be something of her own invention (or an idea she borrowed from another theorist), and quite frankly, it breaks the book for me.

What is the Clan of the Cave Bear book about?

The novel is somber, harrowing, and decidedly unsexy. Set between 25,000 and 35,000 years ago, The Clan of the Cave Bear follows the young Cro-Magnon Ayla, orphaned at age 5 after an earthquake, as she struggles to fit in with her adoptive Neanderthal clan.

Does Ayla marry Jondalar?

Jondalar has fathered a daughter with Ayla named Jonayla. They become the first true happily monogamous couple. Ayla loves Jondalar. In the third book of Earths Children, they have some conflict.

Will there be another book after the Land of Painted Caves?

It is the sequel to The Shelters of Stone – published 9 years earlier – and is the sixth and final book in the Earth’s Children series….The Land of Painted Caves.

Author Jean M. Auel
Pages 768 pp
ISBN 0-517-58051-9 (hardback)
Preceded by The Shelters of Stone
Followed by n/a

What was the history of the Gambu family?

The family were well established in the region of Calvados and several members of the family distinguished themselves through their contributions toward the community in which they lived and were rewarded with lands, titles and letters patent confirming their nobility. This web page shows only a small excerpt of our Gambu research.

What was the clan of the cave bear about?

Consumed by jealousy, the young Neanderthal will do anything to hurt or degrade Ayla. Clan of the Cave Bear is a brilliant book. Set in the ice age, Auel’s meticulous research into survival tactics, primitive technology, and megalithic wildlife now extinct brings to life the distant past of the earliest humans.

Who is Ayla in the clan of the cave bear?

Ayla (Daryl Hannah), a very blonde Cro-Magnon, was orphaned as a small girl, wounded, and found by the dark-haired Cave Bear Clan of Neanderthals. Against the wishes of the leader, she is taken in and nursed back to health by the medicine woman.

Who are the members of the Gambier family?

Notable amongst the family in this period was James Gambier (1723-1789), English vice-admiral, the grandson of a Norman Huguenot who left France on the revocation of the edict of Nantes, brother of John Gambier, lieutenant-governor of the Bahamas, and uncle of James, lord Gambier [q. v.] He was made a lieutenant by Admiral…