What song is playing on the radio in Portal?

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What song is playing on the radio in Portal?

Still Alive
“Still Alive” is a song featured in the closing credits of the 2007 video game Portal. It was composed and arranged by Jonathan Coulton and was performed by Ellen McLain, who portrayed the Portal antagonist and subject of the song, GLaDOS….Still Alive.

“Still Alive”
Song by Ellen McLain
Songwriter(s) Jonathan Coulton

Is the portal radio tune copyrighted?

Its under copyright and they do not have any posted licensing terms, so unless you have a reason to claim ‘fair use’ there are no licensing terms.

Where are the radios in Portal?

Radio is on the camera. Take it through the portals and you will catch signal in middle of the room near the doors. This one is high up, so to take it you can open a portal where i did and jump to take it. Than take it down in middle of the room and you will catch signal.

Who made the portal radio music?

The game’s music includes original scores composed by Valve’s Mike Morasky, and two original songs provided by Jonathan Coulton and the band The National.

What do the transmissions mean in Portal?

The “Transmission Received” Achievement logo. At 2:33 pm PST on March 1, 2010, the first update to Portal was made, with the description “Changed radio transmission frequency to comply with federal and state spectrum management regulations”. It consisted of an additional Achievement, “Transmission Received”.

How do you play the radio on the portal?

To use Amazon Music, you must connect an Amazon Alexa account to your Portal. Once connected, you can use your voice to play music using voice commands such as: “Alexa, play [artist name]”. “Alexa, play [music genre]”.

What is Doug rattmann saying?

Graffiti list

Location found Transcription
Test Chamber 18. ( testchmb_a_14 ) Official Aperture Science propaganda poster, with the motto “Courage is Not the Absence of Fear”. It is sold at the Valve Store.

What does the Morse code in Portal say?

The numbers are written on a blackboard with a chalk. Only Morse code. Translates as “BEEP BEEEP BEEP BEEP BEEEP BEEEP BEEEP BEEP BEEEP BEEP BEEP”, in turn translating as “LOL”.

What happens to the radio in portal 1?

If the radio hits a wall too hard or a Weighted Storage Cube is dropped on it, the music will stop, although the radio itself remains functional. Catching the radio without hitting it too much is possible through creative use of portals. In Portal 1 in the last level, there’s a radio in the parking lot. Shooting it makes it bleed.

Where can I buy the original portal soundtrack?

The Orange Box Original Soundtrack can be purchased from Amazon and iTunes. The tracks from Portal can be found in .mp3 format inside the Portal game cache file ( portal content.gcf) under the directory \\portal\\sound\\music\\ . Listen to soundtrack on YouTube.

Is there a still alive radio in Portal 2?

The radio found in the ruins of the Portal relaxation vault in Portal 2 does not play ” Still Alive “. Additionally, the radios found in the ARG do not appear in the old chambers. However, a functional radio drops from a Vital Testing Apparatus Vent in Test Chamber 06 in Chapter 2 still plays “Still Alive”, provided it is caught properly.

Who is the composer of the end credits of portal?

Still Alive – 3:05 The acclaimed end credits theme of Portal, written by Jonathan Coulton and sung by Ellen McLain as GLaDOS. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.