Does America First Credit Union do shared branching?

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Does America First Credit Union do shared branching?

In addition to our three branch locations, American First Credit Union participates in the CO-OP network which allows our members to access over 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs and more than 5,000 shared branch locations across the nation. Please call the shared branch before you visit.

Is America First a Utah bank?

America First Credit Union – Utah Personal and Business Banking and Loan Services.

Where is America first headquarters?

Ogden, UT
America First Credit Union/Headquarters

Is America First a good credit union?

Overall bank rating The bottom line: Utah-based America First Credit Union offers free checking and savings options, which give access to the CO-OP ATM network nationwide. Certificates of deposit also have attractive features, including rates that are competitive with online banks’.

How do I deposit cash at America First?

Fill out your deposit slip in advance and have your card ready. Put cash directly into your wallet or purse. Once your transaction is complete, take your money, card, and receipt and leave the area. Verify your cash later when it is safe to do so.

Can you transfer money from America First to another bank?

With online banking you can quickly & securely move funds within your account or to other America First accounts. You can also transfer money to external accounts.

Who was on America First?

Five hundred years before Columbus, a daring band of Vikings led by Leif Eriksson set foot in North America and established a settlement. And long before that, some scholars say, the Americas seem to have been visited by seafaring travelers from China, and possibly by visitors from Africa and even Ice Age Europe.

How many states is America First in?

America First Credit Union provides financial services to credit union members in local communities from 128 branch locations in 66 cities and 4 states.

Is America first in Arizona?

America First Credit Union, which currently has 125 locations throughout Utah and Nevada, will add Altier’s five full-service branches in Arizona to its current 125 locations. Altier has approximately $191 million in assets and more than 19,000 members served by 57 employees.

How many states is America first in?

How long is America’s first check?

NOTE: It is for this reason that we recommend that you keep your check intact for 90 days after you remotely deposit it.