How do I update my 2gig GC2 firmware?

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How do I update my 2gig GC2 firmware?

To load newer firmware onto the device, go to the 2GIG Dealer Site at: and download the UPDV Update Tool Kit. This kit includes a firmware update for the device, as well as the latest firmware release for the GC2 Panel and Wireless Touchscreen Keypad.

When the firmware needs to be updated on the 2gig Gocontrol How can that be done?

There are three ways to do this. If the system has active monitoring service, the update can be pushed down from The update can also be pushed from a computer using the update cable or by using the Easy Updater.

How do I update TS1 firmware?

1 Power down the TS1 (disconnect power). 2 Remove the Firmware Update Cable from the TS1. 3 Screw the back mounting plate onto the TS1. 4 Re-apply power to the TS1 (plug it in).

What is the installer code for 2GIG?

The default installer code for the 2GIG GC2 panel is 1561.

How do I use 2GIG?

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  1. Verify the version. From the Home screen on the 2GIG GC2, press Security > Menu > Toolbox > Enter Master Code (default is 1111) > right arrow once > Version.
  2. Power down.
  3. Connect the Updater Tool.
  4. Power the system.
  5. Re-mount and verify the version.

Can 2GIG be self monitored?

There are two ways to self-monitor the 2GIG Go! Control wireless security system. The text and email alerts are a great way to get instant notifications based on alarms and other important events on your security system. The service also offers push notifications on the app.

How do I reset my GC3?

To Soft reset the 2GIG GC3, press System Settings from the Home Screen> enter the four digit installer code (the 2GIG default installer code is 1561) > press Installer Toolbox > press Restore Defaults. A menu will appear with a list. Select the areas to be reset.

How do you clear the alarm memory on a GC2?

2GIG GC2 – How to Clear Alarm History

  1. At the Home screen, tap Security.
  2. Tap on the red square with a bell icon inside of it to open the Alarm History.
  3. Tap Clear Alarm History. A check mark should appear in the box. Press OK.

What does 2GIG stand for?

2 Guys In a Garage
Next is 2GIG. This company, which stands for “2 Guys In a Garage”, was founded by two former Honeywell employees who decided to venture out on their own. The company utilizes a large amount of similar technology to that of Honeywell in their alarm systems.

Does alarm com do monitoring?

Yes! An service provider typically visits your home, plans your system with you, and then installs and configures it for you. It still includes 24/7 professional monitoring and all of the other features of It’s up to you.

What’s the latest version of 2GIG control panel?

Before upgrading, please check your panel’s current firmware version. In order to use version or higher you must have firmware v 1.9 or higher. If you’re panel shows a firmware version that is older than 1.9, then please upgrade your panel to version 1.10.1, then proceed to upgrade the panel to the current version.

Where do I plug in the firmware update Cable?

5Connect one end of the Firmware Update Cable to the available USB slot on your PC. 6Connect the other end of the Firmware Update Cable to the Control Panel in the J4 connector (as shown). IMPORTANT: Make sure that the slotted side of the connector is facing away from the tab on the J4 connector.

What’s the latest version of the firmware update tool?

 To use the Firmware Update Tool,  your Control Panel must have at least version 1.5 or newer. NOTE: Updating the firmware does not alter the system configuration or the user configuration of the panel.  You will not need to re‐learn sensors into the Control Panel.

Are there any firmware updates for the go control?

The Go!Control is sometimes, though infrequently, updated by 2GIG. Even so it is important if you’re on an older version of the firmware that you update, particularly as it pertains to LTE communicator support. This page is a repository of 2GIG’s Go!Control firmware updates. These updates ensure that the panel remains current.