Why is the Electoral College a problem in America?

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Why is the Electoral College a problem in America?

For one thing, slavery. Enslaved people couldn’t vote, but they were still counted toward the slave states’ representation in Congress. That meant more power for those states under an Electoral College system, and slave states didn’t want to give up that power. This is just one way the legacy of slavery still taints our politics today.

Why are there swing states in the Electoral College?

“America’s auto industry — auto industry — auto industry” At least in part because it’s located mostly in swing states, like Michigan and Ohio, states whose electoral votes he needed to win. The reason we even have swing states is because almost all states award their electoral votes using a winner-take-all system.

Are there any myths about the Electoral College?

And finally, Myth 3: The Electoral College protects small states. You may have heard this one in high school. Without the Electoral College, big states like California and New York would dominate elections. The voices of small states, like Rhode Island and Wyoming, would be drowned out.

What happens if there is a tie in the Electoral College?

The rules of the Electoral College system for dealing with a tie are bizarre and scary and create a fairly plausible scenario by which no one would be elected president in time for Inauguration Day.

Is the Electoral College good or bad?

The best reason that the Electoral College is still intact is because it forces candidates to campaign in areas that they would not normally. If the vote was purely a popular one, candidates could easily campaign in heavy populated cities and completely disregard smaller rural areas.

What are the issues with the Electoral College?

The main problem with the Electoral College is that while electors are supposed to vote according to the outcome in their state, they are not required to do so. And in fact, since the founding of the Electoral College, individual electors have voted against the person the citizens voted for over 80 times.

What are the disadvantages of the Electoral College System?

List of the Top Disadvantages of the Electoral College 1. It does not always promote fairness. 2. It does not require a majority vote of the population. 3. It creates a result that may not be the will of the people. 4. It creates a system where margins do not matter. 5. It may encourage voters to stay home. 6. It is a complicated system.

What are the pros to the Electoral College?

List of Pros of Electoral College. 1. It maintains a representative form of government. Through Electoral College, states are given the power to select delegates to the system, allowing them to take part in the selection of a president and vice president, thus maintaining a representative form of government. 2. It ensures division of power.