How much does the commissioner of the NFL make?

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How much does the commissioner of the NFL make?

NFL Commissioner Gives Up His $40 Million Salary And Will Cut League Employees’ Pay. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, seen during last week’s league draft, is cutting his salary, along with those of league employees who make over $100,000.

Who is the NFL commissioner now?

Roger Stokoe Goodell
Jamestown, New York, U.S. Roger Stokoe Goodell (born February 19, 1959) is an American businessman who is currently the Commissioner of the National Football League (NFL).

How long has Roger Goodell been the commissioner of the NFL?

Roger Goodell, 62, has been NFL commissioner since 2006. He began interning and climbing his way up the ladder and in 1987, he was appointed assistant to the president of the American Football Conference, Lamar Hunt.

Is the NFL commissioner elected?

Roger Goodell earned selection as NFL commissioner in 2006 In a close vote, Goodell prevailed after five rounds of voting over Gregg Levy, who had served as the NFL’s outside counsel. Goodell’s official designation as NFL commissioner came on August 8th, 2006, taking over the role on September 1st.

Who was the NFL commissioner in 1990?

Roger Goodell
NFL Commissioners and Presidents

Jim Thorpe President 1920 HOF Bio >>> Joe Carr President 1921-1939 HOF Bio >>> Elmer Layden Commissioner 1941-46
Bert Bell Commissioner 1946-1959 HOF Bio >>> Pete Rozelle Commissioner 1960-1989 HOF Bio >>> Roger Goodell Commissioner 2006-present

Who is Roger Goodell’s wife?

Jane Skinnerm. 1997
Roger Goodell/Wife

How do I contact the NFL commissioner?

(877) 635-7467.

What is Roger Goodell’s salary?

$40 million
Goodell, who earns approximately $4-5 million in salary and whose total annual compensation is $40 million, went to the compensation committee and volunteered to reduce his salary to $0.