Is Modesta the best ceramic coating?

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Is Modesta the best ceramic coating?

If you love your car and you want the best protection money can buy, you will want to go with Modesta Private Label or Modesta BC-04. It is the thickest, most durable, longest-lasting Ceramic Coating that the market has to offer plus the candy-like gloss is simply incredible.

Which coating is best for car?

Teflon coating or Ceramic coating: Which is the best for my car?

Properties Teflon Coating
Thickness 0.02microns thickness with a proper Teflon coat.
Protection The coating provides protection against rust and scratches and enhances gloss.
Durability Teflon coating can last upto 6 to 8 months.

How long does Gtechniq ceramic coating last?

The product protects against liquid spills and all types of stains and it will last for 3 years applied correctly.

How much does Modesta coating cost?

How Much Do They Cost? The price of this coating depends on the size of your car and the extent of the coverage (e.g., exterior only, full exterior and interior). The cost can range from $770 for a BC-05 to $2,750 for the PL line.

How do I maintain my Gtechniq ceramic coating?

Use a ph neutral shampoo (Gtechniq do a good one). I power wash the car down, then spray on some snow foam and leave it for a couple of minutes to soften any dirt. Fill two large buckets with warm water and put some shamp0o in one. Then wash with a Gtechniq mitt, starting at the top of the car and working down.

Does ceramic coating last forever?

Depending on the weather conditions and the daily bumps and scrapes that the paintwork may experience from pets and children, for example, the protection should be expected to last anywhere from 1 – 3 years, or even longer if precautions are made to help keep the car out of harm’s way (including out of direct sunlight.