Which is the worst NBA team of all time?

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Which is the worst NBA team of all time?

With 23 straight losses to end the lockout-shortened season, the Bobcats finished with a record of 7-59, the worst winning percentage (.106) ever by an NBA team. But every inept team has its own sad story. Sam Amico tells the tale of the 10 worst.

Who was the worst general manager in NBA history?

NBA legend Elgin Baylor was named the team’s general manager before the draft and was rewarded with zero first-round picks. But the team he inherited shouldn’t have been nearly so bad, with players such as Mike Woodson, Michael Cage, Benoit Benjamin (pictured) and Larry Drew on the roster.

Who are the worst 3 point shooters in NBA history?

The 10 Worst 3-Point Shooters in NBA History 1 Charles Barkley, 26.6% 2 Corey Brewer, 28.2% 3 DeMar DeRozan, 28.4% 4 Josh Smith, 28.5% 5 Ron Harper, 28.9% 6 Isaiah Thomas, 29.0% 7 Dwyane Wade, 29.2% 8 Derrick Coleman, 29.5% 9 Reggie Williams, 29.8% 10 Jamaal Tinsley, 29.9%

Who are the worst NBA draft picks of all time?

Worst NBA #1 Overall Picks of All Time 1 Anthony Bennett (2013) 2 Greg Oden (2007) 3 LaRue Martin (1972) 4 Gene Melchiorre (1951) 5 Kwame Brown (2001) 6 Michael Olowokandi (1998) 7 Art Heyman (1963) 8 Pervis Ellison (1989) 9 Bill McGill (1962) 10 Joe Smith (1995)

Who is the worst team in the NBA?

  • with a 12-38 record.
  • Toronto Raptors. The Toronto Raptors were a solid team last season and were one win away from playing in the Eastern Conference Finals.
  • Boston Celtics.
  • New Orleans Pelicans.
  • Washington Wizards.

    Who is the worst NBA basketball player of all time?

    1) Sun Yue. 2) Brian Scalabrine. 3) Keith Closs. 4) Cherokee Parks. 5) Chris Jent.

    What is the worst NBA record ever?

    In 2007-08 the Miami Heat tied the worst record of their history, 15-67 , only two seasons after winning their first NBA Championship.

    Who are the 50 greatest NBA players?

    50 Greatest Players in NBA History. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Nate Archibald. Paul Arizin. Charles Barkley . Rick Barry . Elgin Baylor . Dave Bing .