Where can I go in Old San Juan at night?

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Where can I go in Old San Juan at night?

Take a romantic stroll in Old San Juan And locals say it’s especially lovely at night. Take a sunset stroll down the Paseo De La Princesa (locals say to be sure and see the beautiful Raices Fountain), wander along the neighborhood’s blue cobblestones, or enjoy a craft cocktail at El Factoria.

Does San Juan have good nightlife?

Nightlife is vibrant all throughout the island, but San Juan is especially lively and festive every week of the year. Visitors often speak of the warmth and spice for life they feel when visiting our capital city. Check out the video below, a great introduction to the nightlife in San Juan.

Which city has the best nightlife in Puerto Rico?

Old San Juan
Old San Juan The nightlife scene in this authentic Puerto Rican city boasts a storied history of its own with decades-old watering holes mingling with new, must-visit destinations tucked around almost every corner.

Where do locals party in Puerto Rico?

A favorite with locals, La Placita de Santurce in San Juan is crowded with restaurants, clubs, and bars. Located near busy Condado, Calle Loíza is a bustling street filled with restaurants and bars. Found in Old San Juan, La Factoría is one of the World’s 50 Best Bar.

Is it safe to walk around Old San Juan at night?

Most areas of San Juan are safe. Most neighborhoods in San Juan are safe during the day, but at night certain places can get a bit sketchy. Locals recommend that these San Juan neighborhoods are safe during the day or night: Old San Juan.

What is the strip in Puerto Rico called?

The “Strip” of Puerto Rico – Ashford Avenue.

Where do celebrities hang out in Puerto Rico?

Spotted at Serafina: Celebrity Sightings and Famous Visitors Designed to be uniquely social and located in the epicenter of the buzzing Condado district, Serafina Beach Hotel is the place to see and be seen when you are visiting San Juan.

Where to find the best nightlife in San Juan?

Nightlife in San Juan. 1 1. La Placita de Santurce. 689 Neighborhoods • Bars & Clubs Open now By DeeWiseGuy. 2 2. Casa Melaza Rum Boutique. 111 Bars & Clubs Temporarily closed By Q2420YDjiml. 3 3. Nuyorican Cafe. 192 Bars & Clubs 2020. 4 4. La Factoria. 141 Bars & Clubs Open now By dglaboy. 5 5. El Batey. 102 Bars & Clubs Open now.

Where to go in Old San Juan Puerto Rico?

El Batey is one of the best known bars in Old San Juan and likely all of Puerto Rico. You will always get a generous pour at good price at the PR staple. Murals and graffiti cover the walls, the staff is kick***, and the vibe is always great.

Which is the best bar in Old San Juan?

La Factoria in Old San Juan is one of the most iconic bars/clubs in the world. It makes all kinds of “Best of” lists (Frommer’s, etc.) all the time. The time I checked it was #5 on Frommer’s list of best bars in the world. It’s deserving of all the praise and always a blast.

Is there a lot of nightlife in Puerto Rico?

While there’s lots of place to party in this region, San Juan might be one of the few with world-class nightlife and not a ton of hookers around. Well, they’re around, but much easier to spot than in other Latin American cities and only in a few venues. This is one of the benefits of Puerto Rico being in the United States.