When did the Ravens last go to the Super Bowl?

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When did the Ravens last go to the Super Bowl?

Feb. 3, 2013
On Feb. 3, 2013, the AFC Champion Ravens battled the NFC Champion 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII.

Who are the Ravens that have been to the Super Bowl?

The Ravens were champions in both appearances they’ve made, in Super Bowl XXXV and Super Bowl XLVII. Share this story. Buffalo, Minnesota, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Arizona, Atlanta, Carolina, San Diego, Tennessee, Detroit, Cleveland, Jacksonville and Houston.

Who is the quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens?

And the Ravens are hoping it won’t stop there. In 2018, they drafted quarterback Lamar Jackson, and after Flacco was traded to the Denver Broncos, Jackson took over. He led the Ravens to a franchise-best 14-2 record in 2019 and was named the league MVP. Currently, the Ravens are one of the favorites as a Super Bowl contender.

When did the Baltimore Ravens join the NFL?

They are a member club of the American Football Conference (AFC) North division in the National Football League (NFL). The team began play in the 1996 season as a result of former Cleveland Browns team owner Art Modell’s decision to move the Browns to Baltimore.

Who was the only team to never lose in the Super Bowl?

Until their defeat by the Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII, the 49ers were the only team to never lose in the Super Bowl with multiple appearances. . ^ “Baltimore Ravens History”.

When was the last time the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl?

The Baltimore Ravens would later win Super Bowl XLVII in 2013 against the San Francisco 49ers (which was also aired on CBS). Ray Lewis was a member of both Ravens’ Super Bowl wins.

How many NFL teams have not won a Super Bowl?

In fact, some have never even made it to the big game. The 12 teams that have never won a Super Bowl are the Minnesota Vikings, Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons, Los Angeles Chargers, Tennessee Titans, Arizona Cardinals, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

What years did the Baltimore Ravens win the Super Bowl?

The Ravens have been one of the more successful franchises since their inception; the team has qualified for the NFL playoffs 13 times since 2000 with two Super Bowl championship titles (Super Bowl XXXV and Super Bowl XLVII), two AFC Championship titles (2000 and 2012), four AFC Championship game appearances (2000, 2008, 2011 and 2012) six AFC North division titles (2003, 2006, 2011, 2012, 2018, and 2019) and 15 playoff victories. They are also currently the only team in the NFL to hold a

How many quarterbacks have won the Super Bowl?

Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana have four Super Bowl titles to their names. Troy Aikman has three championships, while 12 quarterbacks have won multiple Super Bowls.