What size is an Erde 142 trailer?

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What size is an Erde 142 trailer?

5ft x 3ft
The Erde 142 trailer is the Cheapest Trailer out of 3 in the Erde range that is classed as a 5ft x 3ft camping / leisure trailer.

What is the biggest Erde trailer?

Erde 142 trailer
Firstly the Erde 142 trailer has internal dimensions of Length 1.45m (4ft 9) x Width 1m (3ft 3) x Depth 0.35m (1’1″), and can carry approx 500kg. Secondly this is a medium sized lightweight trailer, ideal for carrying goods, gardening and camping.

What size is an Erde 102 Trailer?

1.06m long
Erde 102 trailer 1.06m long by 0.85m wide is a small light weight trailer ideal for camping and light household chores.

Do Erde trailers have suspension?

Erde make a range of shock absorbers to fit their range of trailers (excluding the 102 model). Shock absorbers are designed to dampen the movement of the suspension arm. The smoother ride increases the life of trailer parts. The trailers load is bounced around less when loaded near to its capacity.

Should you cover your trailer in the winter?

The benefits to covering your RV with an RV cover are: Protect your RVs paint, finish, fabrics and various other components from UV damage. Prevent dust, dirt, sap or bird droppings from accumulating on, or from damaging your RV. Water resistant to repel rain and snow while being breathable to allow moisture to escape.

Is ERX same as Daxara?

Yeah, Erde and Daxara are the same company. The models are identical… e.g. The Erde 122 is the equivalent of the Daxara 127…..the Erde 142 = Daxara 147 etc.

Is the Erde 142 Tipper trailer good for camping?

Erde 142 Tipper Trailer in used condition ideal for camping or general use lights all work good tyres tows fine Erde 142 trailer. Nice little trailer with jocky wheel , spare wheel & cover. Has been sitting unused for a few years now so time to sell.

How big is the Erde 142 starter trailer?

The Erde 142 trailer is a very popular Erde trailer. This is the largest of the 3 starter trailers and it also has light weight panels. External Dimensions. Overall Length. 2.23m. 7’3”. Overall Width. 1.39m. 4’6”.

How big is the base of the Erde trailer?

Check out the price evolution of the erde trailer 142. TRAILER COVER TO FIT ERDE 142 143 DAXARA 147 148 erde trailer that tips has spare wheel all with tubes in very little use #1. erde trailer base only,complete with lights,just over 3feet wide and just over 4feet long,with good tiers,pick up only please and cash only please #1.

Is there a leisure Mart cover for Erde 142?

Leisure mart trailer cover for erde 142/143 or. We used it for family camping trips only. electrics in working order has been kept in the garage. Erde 142 trailer with extended sides.