Are FFWD wheels good?

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Are FFWD wheels good?

Overall, the FFWD RYOT44 wheels are very good. Yes, you can buy cheaper, but the quality here is absolutely top-notch and that is highlighted when you are riding on the road: plenty of performance and decent levels of comfort.

Where are FFWD rims made?

The Netherlands
FFWD Wheels are designed and made in our facility in Zwolle, The Netherlands.

What does Ffwd stand for?


Acronym Definition
FFWD Fast Forward
FFWD Furry Friends Web Design (Mammoth, PA)

What is the abbreviation of Fast Forward?

FFW. (redirected from fast forward)

What FFD means?

Five-Finger Discount (slang for stealing) FFD.

What kind of wheelset does Fast Forward f6r use?

The wheels come with FFWD branded skewers, wheel bag and Swiss Stop yellow pads. The hubs are FFWD branded, but appear to be clones of DT240’s. These wheels came fitted with the optional ceramic bearings. It took me a few days to stretch and then glue some Continental GP4000S tubulars.

What kind of warranty does f6r wheel set have?

The F6R wheel set comes in a durable design and features UV protected logos along with a 3-year warranty available upon registration. We ship all the required accessories and a protective wheel bag with all orders.

Are there open mold rims on the f6r?

The F6R though? IIRC FFWD openly admits that the F4R, F5R (and possibly others) are open mold. Wheel aka leloby on here seemed at one point to suggest that he had some bulged Gigantex carbon rims but I can’t work out if they are still available and whether they are “darc” rims which are supposed to be aerodynamically good.

Where are the FFWD wheels assembled in Holland?

FFWD wheels are assembled in Holland by hand and out the box are true and round. As mentioned in my post, I cannot comment on reliability yet, as I have only had them a short while, but so far they are exceeding expectations.