Why do some basses have fanned frets?

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Why do some basses have fanned frets?

What’s the purpose of fanned frets? The lower-pitched strings gain more length and the higher-pitched strings get shorter, similar to the string lengths on a grand piano.

What are fanned frets good for?

Fanned frets allow the lower strings to have a longer length while keeping the higher strings short. With a fanned fret guitar, the lower strings don’t need to have thicker gauge strings to keep the tension tight. The longer string length helps keep the string tension at where it feels best to play.

What is the purpose of slanted frets?

The slanted frets effectively lengthen the low strings and shorten the high-pitched strings by placing the bridge at an angle to the nut such that the distance between the nut and bridge on the side of the fretboard for the low E string is longer than it is on the side of the high E string.

What are the benefits of fanned frets?

The benefits of fanned fret guitars Thanks to the angled nut of a fanned fret guitar, the string tension on the higher strings is reduced, which makes big bends a lot easier. It can also serve to give you a smoother sound. At the other of this shredding, riffing, see-saw, you’ll find greater tension on the lower end.

What do fanned frets do?

How are the frets on a guitar fanned?

Some fanned fret guitars place the neutral point all the way down the fretboard at the nut like this one: The frets all slant in the same direction and the angle gradually becomes more extreme as you move up the fretboard. The above guitar will feel completely different than the other fanned frets guitars shown earlier.

Is there a learning curve to fanned frets?

What this does (supposedly) is that it makes for better tuning, and on the bass guitar in particular, “deeper” bass tone due to the fact the lower-pitched strings are longer and therefore should (operative word there) be more resonant. Are fanned frets a new idea?

Which is easier to play straight or fanned guitar?

Where the fanned fret has the advantage is concerning the reach of your fingers. On the higher frets in particular, you may find that playing intricate solos is far easier on fanned compared to straight simply for the fact your fret hand is more comfortable when playing on fanned.

Which is the neutral fret on a guitar?

The point where the frets are straight like a normal guitar is called the neutral point. On the above guitar, the neutral point is the 12th fret. Some fanned frets guitars set the neutral fret higher and some set it lower.