How do you deal with a redundant colon?

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How do you deal with a redundant colon?

When constipation is an issue in someone who has a redundant colon, various other options for treating constipation are available. These options include medications that draw more water to the colon or stimulate contractions in bowels to move things along. For some, a low-fiber diet may be what’s best.

Can a damaged colon be repaired?

Any damaged parts of your bowel will be repaired or removed. This procedure is called bowel resection. If a section is removed, the healthy ends will be reconnected with stitches or staples. Sometimes, when part of the intestine is removed, the ends cannot be reconnected.

Is a redundant colon the same as a Megacolon?

The colon is often described as distended or dilated [10–13]. Some authors differentiate ‘colonic redundancy’ from ‘megacolon’, by describing increased colonic length with reduplication, opposed to a colon of increased diameter [9, 14–16].

How do you treat dolichocolon?

The diagnosis of dolichocolon is established by barium enema or CT-colonography. Treatment is conservative, or surgical in case of volvulus or refractory constipation.

What does a floppy colon mean?

A redundant colon, sometimes referred to as an elongated or tortuous colon, is an anatomically long, floppy colon. Because of the length, it naturally twists, turns, and flips onto itself to fit into a comparatively small abdominal cavity.

What does a ruptured colon feel like?

The primary symptoms of gastrointestinal perforation are severe abdominal pain and tenderness. The abdomen may also protrude or feel hard to the touch. If the hole is in a person’s stomach or small intestine, the onset of pain is usually sudden, but if the hole is in the large bowel, the pain may come on gradually.

What happens if your colon stops working?

Intestinal ischemia is a serious condition that can cause pain and make it difficult for your intestines to work properly. In severe cases, loss of blood flow to the intestines can damage intestinal tissue and possibly lead to death.

What is the other name of Megacolon?

Hirschsprung’s disease is a rare congenital disorder that causes an obstruction (or blockage) of the intestine. This prevents normal bowel movements. You might hear doctors refer to this condition with other names, such as: Congenital megacolon or megarectum.

Why is my poop leave streaks in the toilet?

You may occasionally notice that some of your stool sticks to the side of the bowl after you flush. Sticky poop can be a symptom of a temporary or chronic digestive disorder, or the result of a diet that contains too much fat. Sticky poop can appear greasy and pale or dark and tarry.

How do you treat bowel loops?

If you have a bowel obstruction, you will be treated in a hospital. A flexible, lubricated nasogastric tube (NG tube) can be inserted through your nose into your stomach to help remove excess gas from your stomach and intestines.

How do you fix a dilated colon?


  1. Medicines. Treating the original condition or infection may help reduce toxic megacolon.
  2. Bowel rest and bowel decompression. These treatments remove gas and substances filling the colon.
  3. IV fluids. You may be given an IV of fluids and electrolytes to help nourish your body and prevent dehydration.
  4. Surgery.

Are there any medical interventions for redundant colon surgery?

There are also medical interventions for redundant colon treatment that may be needed in severe cases. This includes redundant colon surgery, which can be necessary if a person is unable to pass stool. In less severe situations, medical treatment can include prescribing fiber-containing supplements along with changes to diet.

How to avoid constipation with a redundant colon?

Constipation is one of the main problems with redundant colon, so if you have the condition or want to prevent it, there are steps you can try. Some diet tips are outlined below: Fiber – Adding fiber to your diet should be done gradually to avoid bloating, gas, and abdominal pain.

What happens if you have an untreated redundant colon?

Untreated redundant colon can become really unpleasant. There are a number of potential complications associated with redundant colon. It can lead to rectal prolapse, which means the intestine can protrude from the anus. If untreated, it can also cause hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

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