Is there a 6 hour cut of The Phantom Menace?

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Is there a 6 hour cut of The Phantom Menace?

“If you ever get a chance to talk to Matthew Wood, the guy who did the voice for Grievous, he was one of the first people to watch the 6 hour cut. And he said it was mindblowingly awesome.”

Who edited the phantom menace?

Ben Burtt
Paul Martin Smith
Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace/Editors

How long is the Phantom Edit?

There were a total of 18 minutes cut from the original film, reducing the run time from 136 minutes to 119 minutes.

Who edited the prequels?

Topher Grace is primarily known as an actor, but he has unexpectedly become a beloved editor over the years. Grace first gained respect from the “Star Wars” fandom when he edited together George Lucas’ three prequel films into a single 85-minute feature film.

Is there an extended version of The Phantom Menace?

2001: In November, The Phantom Menace was released on DVD, which features a slightly extended cut from the theatrical release.

How long was the original cut of The Phantom Menace?

There is an original 6-hour cut of The Phantom Menace somewhere out there, and Jake Lloyd confirms it. (3:55)

How do I make Phantom Menace better?

Star Wars The Phantom Menace: 10 Tweaks To Make The Movie Better, According To Fans

  1. 1 Obi-Wan Finds Anakin.
  2. 2 Forget Midi-chlorians.
  3. 3 Cut Out The Politics.
  4. 4 Make The Trade Federation A Juggernaut.
  5. 5 Padme’s Age.
  6. 6 Anakin’s Age.
  7. 7 Introduce Count Dooku.
  8. 8 Keep Maul Alive.

Where can I find fan edits?

4) Go to and click on the Fanedits tab. – This brings up the list of approved and downloadable fanedits. Note: Some of these edits, especially the older ones, might have been removed by the creator for a variety of reasons. Also, some are categorized by alphabet while the new ones are at the bottom.

Are the Despecialized editions legal?

As a derivative work, Harmy’s Despecialized Edition cannot be legally bought or sold in the United States and other countries with treaties respecting US copyrights, and is “to be shared among legal owners of the officially available releases only”.