What series did Don Beech join The Bill?

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What series did Don Beech join The Bill?

The Return of Don Beech is a storyline featured in the long running ITV police series, The Bill, which featured the subsequent return and final appearances of former-DS Don Beech, played by Billy Murray.

What happened to Don Beech in The Bill?

Beech was sent to prison for life but Don made a Sun Hill comeback in May 2004, offering to exchange information on a diamond robbery for a cushier jail. But he had the last laugh. While being transferred he convinced DI Manson to give him a quiet moment with his girlfriend…and escaped. He’s now on the run.

How many series of The Bill was there?

All four series of the show have been released on DVD there.

What series was Eddie Santini in The Bill?

Episode:The Trial of Eddie Santini

Episode No. Series
1497 2000×021 16

Who died in the Sun Hill Fire?

The fire itself claimed the lives of six Sun Hill officers. Inspector Andrew Monroe, PC Di Worrell, PC Ben Hayward & DC Paul Riley all died in Episode 008, with their deaths revealed at the beginning of Episode 009.

Why did Frank Burnside leave the bill?

Burnside left the show under a cloud, amid suspicions he had turned into a bent copper, although the official explanation was that he had been seconded to special operations. In his comeback show, to be screened in October, he is discovered by DC Carver and DS Bolton, who are on undercover work of their own.

Is The Bill coming back 2021?

Famed British police drama The Bill could return to screens after more than 10 years away, according to reports. After writers acquired the original rights to the hit show, two new series are thought to be in the works, according to The Sun.

Who was the longest serving actor in The Bill?

Simon Rouse, as Jack Meadows, appeared in 884 episodes, including the series finale “Respect”. He is the longest serving actor to portray a character in a senior role.

Who did Michael Higgs play in The Bill?

Eddie Santini
Michael Higgs (born 14 February 1962) is an English actor best known for prominent roles in two long-running television series: Eddie Santini in ITV1’s The Bill and Andy Hunter in EastEnders, in addition to an 8-episode stretch as Dr Thomas Waugh in Bad Girls.

Who played Eddie the pathologist in The Bill?

Jason Barnett
Jason Barnett is a British actor who plays Eddie Olosunje in The Bill. He also played Steve Mwembe in Man Down and Mick Roper in Episode 329.

Who was in the bill the longest?

Superintendent Jack Meadows was a character in The Bill. He was the longest serving character when the show ended, with 18 years at Sun Hill.

What happened in the last episode of the bill?

August 31, 2010
The Bill/Final episode date

What was the Don Beech Scandal on the bill?

The Don Beech Scandal was a storyline in the long-running police procedural British television series, The Bill. ITV announced the storyline in 2000, a spokeswoman for The Bill was quoted as saying: “The character of DS Beech has had a huge storyline running over a very long time where he is a corrupt copper.

Who is Don Beech in the new series?

It was the second major storyline to focus on corrupt Detective Sergeant Don Beech. The storyline follows Beech upon his arrival in Australia, on the run to escape a prison sentence for the murder of DS John Boulton back in the United Kingdom.

What was the first episode of beech is back?

The first episode, a ninety-minute special, was entitled Beech on the Run. Six sixty-minutes episodes were subsequently broadcast, entitled Beech is Back, parts 1–6. Synopsis. Upon his arrival in Australia, Beech poses as Chief Inspector Derek Conway in order to fool two police officers into giving him a tour of the city.

What was the second episode of the bill?

Beech is Back was a storyline in the long-running police procedural television series, The Bill. The second episode attracted over six million viewers. It was the second major storyline to focus on corrupt Detective Sergeant Don Beech.