Which NFL player has the most tackles?

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Which NFL player has the most tackles?

#1 – Ray Lewis – 2,059 Baltimore Ravens’ legendary linebacker Ray Lewis played 17 years in the NFL and made an astonishing 2,059 combined tackles during that time.

Who are the top 10 NFL tackles of all time?

Leaders Table Rank Player Solo Years Tm 1 Ray Lewis + 1,568 1996-2012 rav 2 London Fletcher 1,384 1998-2013 3TM 3 Derrick Brooks + 1,300 1995-2008 tam 4 Donnie Edwards 1,135 1996-2008 2TM

Who was the best football player in the 2000s?

Allen began the decade at the prime of his career as evidenced by earning first-team All-NFL honors in 2000 and 2001. He also earned six of his 11 career Pro Bowl berths during his eight seasons played in the 2000s. Mawae was named the NFL’s first-team center five seasons in the decade.

How many solo tackles does a football player have?

More Player Stats… All Games Home Games Away/Neu Games Div Games Conference Games Last 2 Weeks Last 4 Weeks Vs. Top 10 * Vs. TR Top 10 qualifier is on pace for at least 0 solo tackles

Who was the largest football player in the 1920s?

Hall of Famer Wilbur “Pete” Henry, aka “Fats,” was one of the NFL’s largest and most dominant linemen in the 1920s at 5 feet 11 inches and 245 pounds, but would be dwarfed by present-day players such as 6 foot 6 inch, 313-pound New Orleans offensive tackle Ryan Ramczyk. (Pro Football Hall of Fame) (AP Photo/Jeff Bottari)

What player in the NFL has the most touchdowns?

The statistic depicts the National Football League players with the most passing touchdowns in the league’s history (as of December 30th, 2019). Peyton Manning has the most touchdown passes in NFL history with 539.

Who holds the record for most career sacks in the NFL?

The record for the most sacks in an NFL career is held by Defensive End Bruce Smith who had 200 sacks in his 19 year career (1985-1999 with the Buffalo Bills and 2000-2003 with the Washington Redskins ).

Who is the NFL sack leader?

Bruce Smith, NFL’s all-time sack leader, has high praise for Von Miller . Denver Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller invited two of the best pass rushers in NFL history to coach at his Pass Rush Summit last month.