Has there ever been a 0-0 score in football?

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Has there ever been a 0-0 score in football?

Yes, there has been a 0–0 game in NFL history. Surprisingly the last 0-0 game was way back in the past more than 76 years ago & 20 days from this answer ( NOV 27, 2019). It was played on November 7, 1943, between the Detroit Lions & the New York Giants.

What was the lowest score in NFL history?

It is estimated over 70 games ended in a 0-0 draw from that time until 1943. In recent history, the lowest scoring game occurred in 2007 when the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Miami Dolphins 3-0.

When was the last time the NFL had a scoreless game?

While it’s been over 75 years since the NFL experienced a scoreless game, the league has seen seven 3-0 games since then. The most famous is the infamous snowplow game of 1982. On Dec. 12, 1982, the Dolphins visited the Patriots for a game that played out in a snowstorm.

Who is the lowest paid player in the NFL?

According to Pro Football Reference, Swoopes is the lowest on the list, receiving a paltry salary of just $378,000. By NFL standards, this doesn’t amount to much considering the toll the sport takes on the athlete’s body.

What’s the highest single game passing total in NFL history?

Some older records have shockingly stood the test of time in spite of them holding no distinct era advantages: Norm Van Brocklin(RAM) passed for 554 yards against the New York Yanks on September 28, 1951. It is still the highest single-game passing total in NFL history.

What is the highest score ever in the NFL?

The 2020 season finished with a total of 12,692 points scored, the most in NFL history. The total also obliterated the previous high-water mark by more than 700 points, shattering the former scoring peak of 11,985 set in 2013 and finishing as the first season over 12,000 points, per NFL Research.

What NFL team scored the most points?

Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens were the NFL’s top-scoring team in 2019. Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs posted the most points in 2018. Photo by: @TheUndefeated (Twitter).

What is the most lopsided NFL score ever?

On December 8, 1940, the Chicago Bears trounce the Washington Redskins in the National Football League (NFL) Championship by a score of 73-0, the largest margin of defeat in NFL history. The Bears, coached by George Halas, brought a 6-2 record to their regular-season meeting with the Redskins in Washington on November 17, 1940.

What is the most points scored in NFL?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. The highest score in a National Football League (NFL) game occurred on November 27, 1966, when the Washington Redskins and New York Giants combined for 113 points in a 72-41 victory for the Redskins.